Friday, November 27, 2015

Blood In The Snow Film Festival Review: Bite-Toronto Premiere Sunday November 29 7 PM

As the film opens we see footage of Casey, Kirstin & Jill all having fun in Costa Rico they are there for Casey's bachelorette party.
Swimming in some murky waters Casey is bit by something in the water what starts out as what just seems like a mild infection , she continues to worry about her upcoming wedding which is a week away.
The appearance of Casey starts to change , the bite grows larger and more noticeable as well.
As the film progresses her hearing of others becomes freakish as she can hear conversations and noises quite a good distance away, almost like Superman if you will.
The scenes as things change are not pleasant , there are transformations of her body --fingernails peeling off she losing her hair , fluids from her mouth and where the infection is as well.
Her friends concerned about her well being keep checking up on her as she keeps telling them she is going to call the wedding off --this is a very well done,  and not for the squeamish at all. I really enjoyed this for the atmosphere was creepy and the performances were good as well. The lighting certainly helped with all of this,
This film is dark at the third act and really turns everything on it's side --the kills are effective and they are over as quickly as they start--this gets gruesome and has an ending that gives you some hope that there will be a sequel.Really enjoyed the ending as well, some movies leave you disappointed this one did not.

I am so happy for all involved in the making of this film and that the premiere of the film is SOLD OUT. Would love to be a part of the audience but am lucky I got to see the film  regardless.

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau 

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