Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Blood In The Snow Film Festival Review: Save Yourself --November 27-29, 2015 Toronto, Ontario

Thriller, Horror, Independent Film
Post City Films

Plot Outline
Crystal is the tough as nails director. Dawn is the by-the-numbers producer. Kim is the girl-next-door lead actress. Lizzy is the loner writer and Sasha is the promiscuous supporting actress. Together, the five women have made a fun and bloody horror film. En route to a film festival, one of the girls goes missing and soon all five ladies find themselves pitted against a mad scientist hellbent on using them for his mysterious experiments.
Jessica Cameron, Tristan Risk, Tianna Nori , Ry Barrett ,Bobbie Phillips ,Sydney Kondruss ,Caleigh LeGrand, Elma Begovic
Lara Mrkoci

Directed By ,Ryan M. Andrews
Produced By Allen Ormerod, Pino Halili

I have been given the pleasure of viewing and reviewing some of the films appearing this weekend at The Blood In The Snow Film Festival in Toronto Nov 27-29. I chose this film to review first as I have been following the progress of it and have been over excited to see it.
This movie was real interesting from the first frame and works hard to keep the attention of the audience, very well done on all parts.

There were elements of real fear here in some of the scenes, some of what reminded me of "People Under The Stairs" that being the weird couple & "House of 1,000 Corpses,  even the start of the film works as a lead into the film we are watching.

The acting is great all across the board , I enjoyed the editing and some of the camera work really helps keep the story rolling and the tension up.
There is no excessive  sex or violence which is almost a rarity in today's horror film.
Even if there is most of it is done off camera.
The reason this film works so well is the creepy couple that have some hidden agendas of their own and they are not pleasant , but am not into spoiling others experience of watching a film.

I think anyone that has seen a lot of horror films will be pleasantly surprised as I was.

Thank you for reading this 
Anthony Nadeau

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