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Canadian Movie Reviews: Wet Bum-- Available Now

There are some great contenders for Movie of the year , that being said the way films are measured now is by Box Office sales when movies like this one only reach a certain audience looking for something different and unique.
WET BUM was inspired by MacKay’s experience as a teenager working as a cleaner in her parents’ nursing home. She started writing the script in 2010 for a development class during her final year at AFI. “I had many other ideas but was having difficulty starting those scripts,” explains MacKay. “Barry Sabbath, my mentor at the time, told me to start writing something I knew just to get me started.”
Within two months, MacKay had written the first draft but was self-conscious about letting anyone read it. Sabbath suggested she enter the script into a few writing competitions to get past her fear. “I submitted it to the Zoetrope Screenwriting
Competition and to my complete surprise it was a top 10 finalist with over 3500 submissions,” she recalls. “I was very shocked when I got the news.”

I had read such good press about the film and having a subscription to Super Channel that was also a part of the major funding behind the film, which also allows the film to be aired on the channel at a later date I think is wonderful for filmmakers to have that avenue to have their films to be shared,
The story of Sam(2nd from left) a young girl coming of age, she is 14 and does not fit in well with the rest of her piers and is often ridiculed at school and at the swimming group she is a part of.
Sam is played so well by Julia Sarah Stone, easily one of the best performances I have seen this year or any by a young actress.
After a skinny dipping incident that is not referred to in the film Sam is made to clean apartments in the seniors home that her mother runs. In those apartments of course are people that Sam becomes close with and is accepted by most into their worlds.
The people in this film are real people and played well by all that are involved in any of the scenes. The feelings expressed are not overdone or over dramatized for effect of a reaction from the audience instead we are treated to a look into the life of this young woman and the people in her life and her need to want to be a part of it all.
The way also the way the characters are introduced to us is such a classic introduction style that allows us to see her develop her strengths and crushes as well. Her instructor at swimming is an older boy who also attends her school, they like each other --he is introduced and often comes across as a creep as he is so much older than her. But yet the gentle approach in which he is written and portrayed does the opposite at most of the time for the young actor playing Lukas(Craig Arnold)has a tough role but pulls it off 

Some of the quiet and tender moments are lovely when one of the ladies that Sam grows very fond of passes away there is a bird that is trapped in her room after it is cleaned out of her belongings and with a nod to the character the bird is set free, some real powerful moments here that may be missed by some.
I feel fortunate to have seen this film and look forward to seeing it again this is one to add to my collection to watch more times.

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Anthony Nadeau

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