Thursday, November 5, 2015

CD Review: J.P. Edwards--Hearticulate(Available Now)Artistry Recordings

J.P. Edwards is a singer/songwriter originally from Texarkana, Texas. Much of his childhood was spent traveling around the country with his family.
These experiences and the solitude they often demanded cultivated in him a desire to write as a means of processing his emotions and describing his
ever-changing environments. He began singing and writing music at an early age and has worked for the greater part of his life to refine and develop
his craft.

  Today, he maintains the standard of honesty with his art that he had as a child. This translates well into a vulnerable authenticity that endears 
him to his listeners. With meaningful lyrics aimed at exploring the mind as well as the heart, his hope is to articulate those thoughts, emotions, 
and experiences that others may have difficulty expressing. His smooth, soulful voice and innovative musical style make exploring the themes of his
music an engaging and enjoyable experience. 
Some really nice and enjoyable music from a young musician that has a really nice voice that resonates with you.
"Grave" is one of the stronger songs on this album.
Some really nice jazzy sound to it.

So much music out in this world of ours and so many artists wanting to be heard , glad this one came across my desk. This is not the typical kind of music that I get to review, however am open to any and all submissions of music.

His gentle voice helps push his mellow and soft music and am sure he will get some  more support as his name gets pushed a bit more.

"Drop Everything" is a nice song with a nice mix of vocals between himself and Haley Soule some real good vocals here, have a listen below.
Hope to hear some more from him in future he has a nice sound,

"World Tour' is an ego check and is a love song all in one "I don't need a world tour, I'm touring your world"

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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