Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Independent Film Reviews: Above Us Lives Evil(Available Now) Chemical Burn Entertainment

I enjoyed this monster movie of creatures living upstairs , now if you cannot appreciate small budget films then this film is not for you. There is not breathtaking shots, actually one shot is used time and time again of the window in the attic, to remind us where the evil is.

After the accidental death of their son the family moves to a new house , that has yes you got it some demons living in their attic.
The lighting works for the film I found as the creatures are dark and ominous. There are some decent scenes in this film.

Things that go bump in the night have always been the back story of any nightmare or ghost story for the most part. I think what we are given here works for the most part, sure the acting isn't going to win any awards but then not much horror has in all fairness.
Less is more for me today's audiences want everything in their faces, not me some mystery is always good.
When they do appear they are dark creatures with eyes that look like they would kill you just by that alone.
Some things are left unclear as to where and why these creatures are here and what they really want , the odd family next door. But I felt for what it was it was a good film,

Left with the thought there was a possibility of a sequel, but who knows?

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Anthony Nadeau

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