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Press Release: I Am Alone--Screening At Festivals & Awards Galore

Acclaimed Festival Circuit “Horrormentary,”
(Santa Monica, CA) – November 12th, 2015 – I AM ALONE, a survival “horrormentary” starring Gareth David-Lloyd (Torchwood, Sherlock Holmes 2010, Dark Signal), and
Gunner Wright (Love 2011, Highway to Dhampus), has recently taken the horror film fest circuit by storm, racking up wins for Best Zombie Film and Best Actor at Fright Night Film Fest (Louisville, KY), Audience Choice and Best Director awards at RIP
Horror International Film Festival (Hollywood, CA), and a second Best Actor prize for Gareth David-Lloyd at Scare-A-Con (Liverpool, NY).
I Am Alone tells the story of a small town being infected, almost instantly, by an unknown virus while an adventure reality show is being filmed in the area. The TV host's video
logs, found a few days after his own terrific infection, may contain the clues that will help the authorities find a cure and save the world from the apocalypse.

Director Robert Palmer (Gene Simmons: Family Jewels) and producer Michael A. Weiss reinvented the subgenre of horror by blending elements of reality TV, classic zombie flicks, documentary, surveillance cam, and blood curdling suspense.

“Our goal was to delve into new territory within the horror genre by taking the survival of man to its extreme. To make our character’s journey feel raw and authentic we used different storytelling techniques and employed various shooting formats; all with the intention of contrasting humanity against brutality amidst the unfolding apocalypse,” says director Robert Palmer.
This ultra-low budget production was made possible with the support of the entire town of Montrose, Colorado. Local authorities and citizens alike worked together to help with.

Starring Gareth David-Lloyd (Jacob), Gunner Wright (Mason), and Marshal Hilton (Dr. Marlow), I Am Alone is written, produced, and directed by Robert Palmer and written, produced and edited by Michael A. Weiss. Cinematography by Adrian
Sierkowski; Stunt Coordination by Mark Rayner; Key Make-up by Rachel Maier; Sound Design by Tom Stamatio; and Music by Adam Sanborne.

To find out more about I Am Alone, full list of awards, and its tour calendar, please check
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THE STORY - Jacob Fitts television host and survivalist, with his crew Producer Adam Levine & Cameraman Mason Riley set out to shoot another episode of their popular survival show, I Am Alone. Episode 113 takes us deep into the Colorado Rockies where Jacob will be left alone for 7 days while his team sets off into town to capture footage and shootinterviews. Within hours a viral outbreak spreads rapidly across the globe. Unaware of this outbreak, Jacob, isolated continues shooting his Television show. As day one comes to a close Jacob is attacked and bitten by an infected person. As the virus spreads through the town Mason and Adam have to fight the infected to save their own lives. With the CDC monitoring the outbreak they pick up Mason and all his footage and bring him back to base for questioning.  Reviewing Mason's footage the CDC tries to piece together why the virus has taken longer to transform Jacob. The CDC forces Mason to relive the events of the previous days through his footage to learn more about the virus and Jacobs survival.   As the global death rate rises time is running out, to find a cure

I have been fortunate enough to also have a chance to see the film so watch for here in the next couple of weeks for my review.

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