Friday, November 6, 2015

Short Story Cinema: Night of the Slasher- Slashing It's Way To The Oscars??

With only one lengthy shot for 11:16 minutes that is the camera moves to allow the actors to hit their marks , one continuous shot flows quite nicely and quickly tells the story of a young woman on revenge against the slasher that cut her neck.
Where an edit here or there instead we have some dizzying work with the camera when things get heated between her and the killer coming back for more.

It has already appeared in many film festivals and was accepted into 88 film festivals in an hour.
The film is also  in two Oscar consideration festivals as well, I wish the filmmakers all the best luck , this is some genius film making as far as I am concerned.

A friend comes over and brings some beers which she consumes , they then move to the couch where she takes a few puffs of a joint all the while she has a checklist of horror film sins. Poking fun at horror/slasher films brilliantly she also has to have sex.
I wish some of the full length films that have come out as of late would have the same artistic creativity as many of the short films I have had the honor of seeing this year. The same kind of passion and excitement of the genre in which they are representing , makes it so much more enjoyable for the viewer to watch.
I cannot get into too much more detail than what I have shared , but if this film comes your way do yourself a favor and check it out I am sure you will enjoy it. For now here is the trailer below:

Even the ending totally surprised me and also made me laugh.

Thank you for reading this 
Anthony Nadeau

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