Sunday, December 20, 2015

Movie Review: Memory Lane (Available Now)Wild Eye Releasing

This studio is new for me to be reviewing for and they were kind enough to send me seven movies in the mail, not email but the physical DVDs as I have shared in the picture above.

Story Synopsis:
An orphaned war-veteran routinely travels between our world and the afterlife in search of his fiance's killer by stopping and starting his own heart.

Memory Lane is a great little film very reminiscent of that to Flatliners and I enjoyed this film as well.

Nick returns from Afghanistan and one night he meets Kayla she being on a bridge ready to jump to her death, Nick saves her from doing it.

Even  though they had seem to just meet each other Nick asks her to marry him. Finding her a few days later in the bathtub with her wrists slit he needs to find out what has happened to her , loving her as he does.
He then , depressed and full of sadness takes his own life to be waken by some friends.
There is some good acting all around in this small film , we really feel his pain and his desire to find out who killed Kayla.
He convinces his buddies to help him travel into the world where he lost her. With each time he gets shocked back into time we find out more of what happened and why.
 This being a smaller film really helps tell the story and the intimacy of the characters makes for a good little thriller.
Some scenes work better than others but that goes for any film really.

They find an old claw foot tub outside of the garage and use that for their bit of nostalgia if you will for Nick to get back to the memories that is Kayla.
Friends clash as others had interest in Kayla and so that makes it difficult for all involved , tempers flare and fights ensue.

All in all I was entertained by this film and if you like a good little thriller , check this one out.

Thank you for reading this 
Anthony Nadeau

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