Friday, January 22, 2016

Epic Pictures Movie Review: JeruZalem(Available Now)

I was sent the link of a screener from the studio for review:

Not one for lost footage films , have seen many over the decades one of the first of course was The Blair Witch Project and the marketing for the film was so brilliant that they actually had to put out an alert that it  was a new breed of film that was fictional because people in the area were actually putting together groups for these young people that "went missing"
Here we have best friends Rachel & Sarah taking a trip to Israel to visit Jerusalem a nightmare is waiting to be unleashed upon them and the city in which they are visiting.

Very interesting premise of shooting a first person unlike other films this used Google glasses and they look very complicated and distracting to a point of annoyance. More annoying than that is our lead using the glasses , very young and naive not sure why they went out of their comfort zone here to vacation, but then again this is sort of uncharted territory with this location for the most part.
The locations are beautiful to look at and admire the camera work and the way they were able to use new technology to tell the story, not a great way to keep people focused on the real story at hand but flashy enough to keep the younger audiences engaged.
There are some parts of the film where they head down below the earth and into some tunnels where they are haunted by some creatures with some scary results.
Demons have taken over the earth and are possessing the bodies of the living hell has taken over the earth and we will suffer for it as well.
The winged demons fly fast and attack very quickly and brutally , for those that are not fans of gore will like  this film as so many of the shots at night are so lit so low that it is hard to see the blood and maiming.
This is easily one of the better found footage films I have seen in the past few years.

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Anthony Nadeau

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