Monday, January 18, 2016

Little Shop of Movies Review: The Walk(Available Now)

Robert Zemekis is known for many a great film, how about the Back to the Future Trilogy, The Polar Express and Flight. So many more to mention --this is one of his better stories and also a fact based one as well.
Phileppe Petit(left) is the man this story is about and his daring, crazy stunt of walking a tightrope between the Twin Towers in New York City -August 7, 1974. This being the tallest towers at the time in which he did the stunt. Always wanting to improve himself and wanting to do bigger. He would be the singular trainer for that of Joseph Gorden- Levitt(right-above) the Behind the Scenes on this film are great as they give an insight to the man and all the work they did to pull this all off.
There was great research done for this film and also in the film we are treated to the growing of characters and their purpose of being a part of Phileppe's life and their part in helping him achieve his dream and his goal of doing this walk.
The characters are real people and some really good performances here help the characters come alive and I was totally interested in how this was going to all play out. The passion that he had to make this walk work and make it more than just a dream and an idea --this is what makes inspiring people and even though I myself have a fear of heights because this man was so comfortable on that wire and all I myself was relaxed some shots had me holding my breath but then quickly reminded myself that this is a movie , not the real thing here. CGI does not really give the depth required to really bring about fears.
I enjoyed the fact that this was based on a real story and the man the story was about was present and this was also based on his book titled "To Reach The Clouds" tells of this historical day and they also used this as a reference , this is one of the better films of last year in my opinion.

Here is a video of the walk that took place in 1974:

Here is the trailer for the film:

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