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Movie Review: Star Wars--The Force Awakens , For How Long?

I need to weigh in on the new Star Wars film. Now that it has knocked Titanic out of the #2 position of all time it is time to get real here.
I went into this film knowing very little about it except the excitement I felt from the trailers, seeing a few postings here and there about spoilers and such --I did see a few but did not let it ruin my viewing of the film.
For anyone that knows me Star Wars(1977)that is all it was called back then not Episode IV: A New Hope , that being said the original three films--together--are my favorite films of all time.

But this new addition to the series of Star Wars films as I call them is not anything that is any better than what was the prequels at all, if anything this is somewhat better , just the only fact that some of the original characters are back are some of the highlights of the film.
I found it boring and somewhat overdone myself , lacking of any real depth of character for the new ones added --so much used and recycled from the original film. Sure the jokes are there as badly placed as some of the modern comedies of today.
There was something missing and without giving giving it away what I am speaking of I will say this.
For a villain to work properly there has to be some kind of history and mystery to them , let's take one  of the most iconic villains of all time Darth Vader for example.
When we first meet him and through the rest of the original trilogy we are mystified of who is it beneath the suit and where did he originate from? The same can be said of many of the  characters from the trilogy Obi Wan Kenobi, Princess Leia, Han Solo, Greedo , The Sandpeople, Jawas , R2D2, C-3PO and so many more.
There are some great battle scenes and some intense fighting but does this make a great film, no I am sorry it does not at all. I may give this film another chance as it do love the films overall and do give less liked films and directors a second chance so of course I will with this as well.
I was disappointed in the majority of this film, overall Rey impressed me the most a woman that stood her ground very much like Princess Leia but also was given the chance to kick ass --she did it well, very well.
A fully functioning robot that works incredibly well in the movie is also interesting , at first I thought this was a CGI(Computer Generated Image)robot but when watching the Star Wars Celebration  footage it is there on stage
Here is the video:

The other great thing in the film is the use of practical effects and the use of the areas in which the film was shot on actual locations again and building of the sets and spaceships again all on location not in a studio as most of the prequels were shot on.
The Cantina scene from the original film was prevalent here with the odd creatures and the musical band to somewhat help the scene along , not near as engaging or interesting.
The biggest highlight was seeing these two make a return Han Solo and Chewbacca some things are just icing on the cake for fans and some is just painful to watch for obvious reasons.
Gene Siskel said it best when he said your film is only as good as your villain, point taken. Maybe the writers should have paid attention to that aspect.
I do not mean to dampen anyone's thoughts on this film, but in the end I do have the original three on Beta, VHS and Dvd --before the dark side, before the Special Editions.
So many things that make me cringe in horror with the three films be margionilized to make money so they could make the first three films, chopping and slaying the original and beloved films with new and obvious poorly placed scenes to make the new additions to the Star Wars fan base like them more, then the unthinkable happened.
When hearing that they were going to be released on Blu-Ray and remastered all the fans around the world waited with baited breath......could this be it? could we see? The Original Film as it was intended to be seen? NO??!!! instead all it was , was a copy of the 1997 Special Edition films, Yuck!
Worse than that another few changes yet Again!

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! was screamed more than Darth Vader did in the awful voice over when he throws the Emperor down the chamber walls.
"It's like an entire star system cried out in horror and were suddenly silenced" Obi Wan Kenobi--Star Wars(1977)

For the record and yes I am making this public finally my sister Noelle --before seeing this new film I watched Star Wars for the 116th time.

I remember seeing this double bill a few times when it happened --the two great films together as one this was before Return of the Jedi was scheduled to open and because home video(Beta) was not that big of a thing then they re-released them in the theaters.

I thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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