Friday, January 15, 2016

MTI Movie Review: Blackout-Available Now

Story Synopsis:

A young expecting couple, four rebellious teenagers and a lone survival expert are confronted by a global blackout that forces them to survive as society falls apart around them.

Never knowing what each movie will deliver in the beginning , middle or end of it, I go into each viewing with an open mind. Many times more than not I am pleased with the outcome.
This is one of those films that little is known about it as this is a smaller studio and does not have the release power of the bigger studios. But often puts out better films than the bigger studios on a more regular basis, if smaller films are something you enjoy.

Lights going out at any time day or night can be a stressful time for many and after a few days without power causes many in the small town to grow concerned. A town meeting is held and the sheriff Frank(Bill Sage-center) tries to keep people calm and alert of the best they can do is support each other as a community.

Jim(Costas Mandylor--above) is the person being real about the entire situation , he warns the townspeople about the fact the surrounding towns will also run out of food and water as they have and will be coming in droves to come see what they can get from them.
Ronnie Gene Blevins plays Lee(above) has a similar look to that of Brad Dourif , in this he has a menacing feel to his character as well.
Nothing is over the top here, even when you feel it will lose all it had started out with --it keeps you engaged and watching with much interest.
There is a few alternate stories blended in with the townspeople and their worry of others coming into town. One is that of four young people out on a weekend getaway and they come across this sleepy little town and some of the towns unwanted visitors as well.

When Lee and his men arrive in town and want to take over that is when things really start to heat up and get interesting. The build up of the situation at hand and the developing stories of the characters we meet along the way really pave a good way for us to care about the final ending and hope that everything ends up well for the people and their town.
In a decade of so many modern films either about zombies or tons of special effects this was a refreshing time back if you will where the only ones out to get us is each other.Makes you wonder how we will all fair in similar situations such as this one.

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Anthony Nadeau

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