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Music Videos: Mel Monaco, Pile of Priests, Sunburst, Veer Union, Borknager, Tragacanth & Saints of Death!!

Back to the videos I go , this is a great way to share with you the readers some of the music that comes across my desk at any given time and a quicker way to get some news out on the artists I may not be able to get reviews out on as well.

All of the writing with each of the posts came with the bands info that was sent to me , there is little that I posted myself.

--From: Independent Music Promotions:


"If you can't be safe, be spectacular" is a phrase that sets the musical tone for Mel Monaco, a Canadian singer, songwriter, pianist, and guitarist born in Northern, Ontario. Influenced by her rhythmic dancing mother, and soulful singing and drumming father there is no doubt this broad mixture of creativity aided in the foundation of her musical fate. Having started out young on the stage, Mel was led to her artistic home and greatest passion- singing and song writing.

Mel travels to find inspiration within the people and experiences she encounters.
Continuing to develop her talents, Mel travels to find inspiration within the people and experiences she encounters. Also heavily inspired by the dark brassy notes of Amy Winehouse, the inspiring jazz of Nina Simone, and many more vocally powerful women, Mel produces a contemporary blues pop rock sound enhanced by her unique alto voice that resonates from the depths of her soul; which can be heard through her diverse and unique compilations.

Mel takes on the world and learns from every experience she has turning it into lyrical memories.

In 2010 Mel entered into the Moosetrax MooseFM Writers Competition, stealing the show with her original song "Heartache". She then went on to play for the grand opening of MooseFM105.5, playing her music to devoted listeners of the Muskoka region. Determined to write her music, it was first in February of 2012 that Mel traveled to Memphis, TN for the International Blues Challenge, not competing but getting the opportunity to take some of the famous stages on Beale St. It was then in July of 2012 when Mel released her first EP entitled "Anything Goes". Continuing with its success, Mel released her first unplugged music video for the spine-tingling track "Like an Ocean" in January of 2014. And it was in July of 2014 when Mel released the single "And Baby" accompanied by a full-length music video. Later in 2014, Mel road tripped down to Nashville, TN for the chance to record her original music accompanied by multi-instrumentalists John Heinrich and Phil Valdez. Upon return Mel released the single "Cupid" and it's complementing music video in November of 2014, from the up and coming album "These Are Just Suggestions".

Growing and expanding her horizons, Mel takes on the world and learns from every experience she has turning it into lyrical memories...thus bringing her to her latest endeavour in the music industry- her current album "These Are Just Suggestions" released April 26, 2015 currently being promoted with her full 4 piece band across Southern Ontario.

Currently in the process of editing and releasing her latest music video, Monaco released her 2016 Pin Up Calendar in efforts to fund raise for the latest project, the "Single Again" Music Video released on December 13th of 2015.

---From: Against PR:

Pile of Priests is a traditional death metal from Denver, Colorado.  Formed in 2009, they quickly rose to local prominence with their demo release “Burn”.  Soon after, Pile of Priests was playing out of state, performing all over the west coast.  Two years following the release of their demo, the EP Unholy Death was released and now, in 2015, they are ready to release their first full length album, “Void to Enlightenment”.  Pile of Priests has had the distinct pleasure of opening up for bands such as Immolation, Abigail Williams, Artillery, and Vader.  Stylistically, Pile of Priests employs a vintage death metal style reminiscent of the early 1990s Florida bands but also incorporates technical and progressive passages that lend length to their songs.  This power trio brings their brutality in full force, proving they have fully earned a place in metal to stay.

Everything about this band screams 1990s.  This could have easily been pulled from Florida and played alongside Death, Morbid Angel, Six Feet Under, and Obituary.  The technical prowess is amazing on Void to Enlightenment; to the point that the drummer even provides a few wicked guitar solos in the album because of how hard it plays. There is no gimmickry here, the music is just straight unadulterated death metal without the use of keyboards to add atmosphere.  Abrasive, unrelenting, and in your face.

Evan Salvador - Rhythm/Lead Guitars and Vocals
Patrick Leyn - Bass guitar and back up vocals

Evan Knight - Drums, backing vocals

--From Against PR:
Sharky Sharky are a shark themed rock band aimed at children. They perform live in full shark costumes and put on a huge show with lots of theatrics, comedic sections between songs and interactive elements for the kids to get involved in. Although mainly aimed at children aged 5-10, children and adults of all ages have been coming to the shows and singing and dancing along. All things considered, Sharky Sharky are entertainment that all the family can enjoy together.

The new album Super Awesome Mega Rock represents the first major instalment in the Sharky Sharky saga which debuts a unique catchy rock music style with a fantasy edge. It also introduces some colourful characters in the Sharky Sharky universe such as Olof the Octopus – the king of thieves, Jake the Jellyfish – a fish made out of jelly, and telling the legends of the 100 meter long Megashark and the terrifying Frankenshark

From: Against PR:

Inner Wound Recordings are proud to announce the signing of the progressive metal band Sunburst to the label. Their highly anticipated debut album "Fragments of Creation" will be released on February 26th 2016 in Europe and North America.

The music video for the song "Dementia" from the album was just released and is available for streaming at YouTube. The video was directed by Bob Katsionis.
The sound of Sunburst can be described as Dream Theater meets Nevermore and Conception and with "Fragments of Creation" they show that they are a force to be reckoned with!

Sunburst are:
Vasilis Georgiou [Black Fate, Innosense] - Vocals
Gus Drax [Biomechanical, Paradox, Black Fate, Suicidal Angels] - Guitars
Kostas Milonas [Blacklegs, N.U.R.V, G.K Group] - Drums
Nick Grey [End Of Innocense, Jailcat] - Bass
"Fragments of Creation" track listing

01. Out Of The World
02. Dementia
03. Symbol Of Life
04. Reincarnation
05. Lullaby
06. End Of The Game
07. Beyond The Darkest Sun
08. Forevermore
09. Break The Core
10. Remedy Of My Heart
"Fragments of Creation" [CD + shirt bundle available] can be pre-ordered at the Inner Wound Store:

Sunburst online:

Inner Wound Recordings online:


From: Globmetal Promotions:

Russian Industrial metal band "SPIRALLER" released new single "RAGE" that was held on the threshold of release of full-length album 

Spiraller--Rage Single(click here)

From : Against PR:

Vancouver, BC based act The Veer Union are set to release their newest slab of guitar driven melodic rock entitled "Decade" on January 29, 2016 through Pavement Entertainment.
In addition, on December 16, 2015 the band will start a Facebook Bundle Pre-Order that includes a signed CD and Veer Union t-shirt.

2016 marks the 10 year span between The Veer Unions' first album "Time To Break The Spell" (2006) and their brand new release appropriately titled "Decade". This marks 10 years of The Veer Union and their struggles of overcoming adversity and follows the highly successful 2012 release "Divide The Blackened Sky".

Lead vocalist Crispin Earl took a rather unique approach to coincide with the concept of the new album "Decade". He took the opportunity to take 5 unreleased songs which were written before the first incarnation of The Veer Union 10 years ago, and bring them back to life. 5 brand new songs were also written for this new album bridging the span of over a DECADE proving that The Veer Union can stand the test of time. By incorporating the original vision of the band and blending it with the current incarnation, "Decade" truly takes the listener through the musical and emotion journey that represents all that is The Veer Union.

Crispin, like many other musicians, has struggled with depression over the years. Despite his internal battle he continues to persevere through life and his musical journey, which is what the leadoff single "Defying Gravity" lyrically signifies. The album was self produced by Crispin in order to oversee every aspect of the recording and emotion involved in the making of the release.

It has taken "The Veer Union" 4 years to rebuild and form a "New Union" with new members Ryan Ramsdell (Rhythm Guitar), Dan Sittler (Lead Guitar), Touring Drummer Tyler Reimer, and Amal Wijayanayake (Bass/Scream Vocals). The Veer Union is now ready to take 2016 by storm with a new album, new outlook, and new fire burning inside them. Look out for the new album "Decade" coming to you January 29, 2016.

1. Defying Gravity
2. Watch You Lose
3. You Can't Have It All
4. I Said
5. Make Believe
6. We All Will
7. I Don't Care
8. The Unwanted
9. Heart Attack
10. The Underrate

For more information visit:

I can say this is one of my look forward to releases this year as their album "URD" from 2012 was one of my favorites of the year.

From: Century Media Records:

Norwegian epic black metal pioneers BORKNAGAR will release their 10th studio album Winter Thrice on January 22nd, 2016 via Century Media Records worldwide. 

“Winter Thrice”, which - just like the previous album “Urd” from 2012 - was once again mixed by Jens Bogren / Fascination Street Studios (Opeth, Kreator, Amon Amarth, etc.) and packaged in artwork by Marcelo Vasco / P2RDesign (Slayer, Machine Head, Soulfly, etc.), is unique to the BORKNAGAR catalogue also because it features four vocalist parts, including the return of original singer and Ulver-mastermind Kristoffer Rygg, a.k.a. Garm, who guests on two songs. “Winter Thrice” encompasses everything that BORKNAGAR has put to tape over the past two decades, from their most brutal assaults to their most experimental compositions, with a larger progressive vibe than ever before, making it an absolute highlight in the band’s already stellar career so far…

BORKNAGAR – “Winter Thrice”:

1. The Rhymes Of The Mountain

2. Winter Thrice

3. Cold Runs The River

4. Panorama

5. When Chaos Calls

6. Erodent

7. Noctilucent

8. Terminus

 BORKNAGAR line-up:

Øystein G. Brun – Clean and Electric Guitars 

Vintersorg – Grim Vocals, Clean Vocals and Choirs

Jens F. Ryland – Lead Guitars

ICS Vortex – Bass, Clean Vocals and Choirs

Lars A. Nedland – Keys, Clean Vocals and Choirs

Baard Kolstad – Drums 

A treat for fans of the band there are 2 new singles available to watch and listen too.

From : Loud Rage Music 

Loud Rage Music proudly announces it has reached a deal with one of the best Dutch newcomer Extreme Metal acts, TRAGACANTH! 

Tragacanth is a black/death metal band with broad symphonic influences. Hailing from the heart of the Netherlands, their songs however tell of ancient Babylonian tales and times. 

Composer and lead guitarist Erik Brouwer set everything in motion in 2014 and soon Jasper van Minnen (theNAME) joined on drums. Adrian “OQ” Neagoe (Negura Bunget) joined on guitar and with Terry Stooker to perform the vocals Tragacanth completed their recording line-up for their debut album, called "Anthology of the East". 

Tragacanth and Loud Rage Music have agreed on the CD version release of the band's debut album, "Anthology of the East", release scheduled for the 4th of March 2016

Left to right: Stony Gingras 5 Sting Bass/Vox
                      Twan Holliday 8 String Bass Lead Vocals 
                      Christopher James Drums
                      Phil Henri Lead Guitar/Vox

Band is:  Saints of Death

From Vancouver BC, Canada 

I knew Stony from his earlier band My Own Chaos that played my event in 2014. He is here with Saints of Death full time now. I got to see them this past year opening the show for Moonspell/Septicflesh and for those of you who do not know how big of a show that was for a local band to be opening well let me tell you both the bands are highly regarded in the Heavy Metal community and Twan had given me a copy of their album for me to review , which you can read here:

They played a local bar in my town The Wolf Bar that is host to a great assortment of local talent from across the Lower Mainland, one of the few that still supports original music , not cover bands.
I bought a t-shirt of theirs as it is the cover of their album.

They were going to open the show for Mushroomhead last month at The Venue in Vancouver but the band was denied entry into the country so sadly the show was cancelled.
I wrote all of this as I am a big fan of theirs and want to show my support all I can.
So onto the music video at hand and talked to a few of the members and the director of the video as well here is what they had to say:

Christopher James said:
The music video was a blast!! We had a graduating student named Azi from Nimbus School of Recording Arts direct it.The video was filmed it in the school car park.  
Azi had an amazing crew and a bunch of cameras! The process was fairly smooth, we filmed it over 5 hours! 
Overall, it was a great experience and we look forward to shooting a full live set this march of the same quality!

Phil Henri said:

My Thoughts on our latest video:
 Well Anthony first and foremost we at Saints of Death want to thank Azi Bonyad and her crew from Nimbus School of Recording & Media for making this video possible, We had a lot of fun with them!
Personally I like the video, it has no bells or whistles just an honest representation of the band and what we are about, We are getting some awesome feedback as well.
Saints is currently in the writing stage and working on new material and add that with the stack of songs that haven't been recorded yet people can look forward to a kick ass full length coming out in 2016.  
Our spring and summer schedule is starting to look pretty awesome and we will making some big announcements in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned!
Phil-Saints of Death

Azi Bonyad said:

Def I have lots of project to work in near future . I'm very musical person and I like to work more on music video in different genre . Saints of death it was a great experience , cause I found out how to prepare my gears before video shooting after long time I started to work on my own project Saints of Death band they were very nice and I've hadn't any stress during shooting

I got some help from my friends and I had 4 cameras , was multi cam and I had lots of footage.

In the video Christopher is wearing a Slayer shirt, Stony a Venom shirt and Phil has a huge Motorhead patch on the back of his jacket.
Clearly large fans of what came before them and are making an impact on the local scene here in the lower mainland, this video will only help their success I feel, great song great video and a bunch of super great guys. I wish them success.

Thank you for reading this 
Anthony Nadeau

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