Monday, February 15, 2016

CD Review: Greenleaf-Rise Above The Meadow(Feburary 26) Napalm Records

 From Sweden comes Greenleaf with some former members of Dozer , this is some heavy influence from the 70's is clear on this album. This being their 6th studio album from what can be heard here is a sure sign they have no intentions of quieting their sound, fans will be happy.
 "Howl" is an offbeat tempo and yet one of the catchiest and coolest songs on the album. From the light guitar intro and the drumming is exceptional here on this track- this is just some solid musicianship all around, vocals -bass-guitar riffing throughout.

There is not a bad song on the album -just two months in to the New Year and already found a fantastic album!
 Here is the lyric video for Howl, below:

 Some great creative musical work has been done here not sure the age of the people involved in the band nor does it really matter , what does matter is the great music that has been done here -it is a pleasure to the eardrums and should be listened to many.

 Here is their official music video for the first song on the album:
A Million Fireflies:
 Each song is a great addition to an already enjoyable album all around. "Levitate & Bow (Pt 1 & 2) has a nice entry into the album ,slows things down a bit at first just past the 3 minute mark -then things get  busy and good.
 2016 may not want to accept bands like Greenleaf that have nothing to offer the radio, but that is what makes them so great-play music they want too, not what the masses want, bravo!

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Anthony Nadeau

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