Saturday, February 6, 2016

Full Moon Features Movie Reviews: Puppet Master 4(Available Now)

Having received these some time ago from Full Moon Features I have to apologize to Bob and the rest of the staff at Full Moon for the delay in getting these reviews out for them.

 Now he was kind enough to send me the Restored & Remastered Blu-Ray that you see above, so very thankful for that.
The restoration worked very nicely we have a crisp ,clean look to the film and the sound comes nicely through the speakers.

This is of course the series that launched Full Moon and has some iconic creatures and stars of the films. Think Chucky , smaller and about as deadly. 

 We have our regular puppets(Left to Right)--Blade, Tunneler  & Pinhead --standing only about two feet tall this time they are on our side.Which is good as there are a group of demons called Totems(below)that are on a killing spree.

They arrive in little crates and terrorize and kill their victims they are sent to.Some great animated scenes of terror , even though this is 1993 here it is still campy fun to watch, more so than some of the modern films.

The cast helps this story move along and in the Behind The Scenes part of the bonus features which they called Videozone back then, they tell us the director shot parts 4 & 5 back to back. 

The real story here is the young people have found the secret that the Puppet Master has been keeping a secret for years and the evil Egyptian demon Sutekh(below) has sent them to find it and kill anyone, or anything in their path.
Some reviews I have read just trash this movie but if you like and can appreciate campy fun filled movies then check out Puppet Master 4.
Thank you for reading this 
Anthony Nadeau

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