Sunday, February 14, 2016

Little Shop of Movies Review: Spectre(Available Now)

 A few years back I had bought a VHS collection of James Bond from Dr. No(1962) all the way to Die Another Day(2002)-for all of $20.00 , then a friend gave me his copy of Casino Royale(2006). I had a movie marathon of all the films and then just borrowed the others from this little store-Little Shop of Movies.
Daniel Craig has brought a rougher cut Bond and this film is no exception, we have skillful directing from Sam Mendes who also directed Skyfall(2012) also the camera just flows so smooth and the editing by Lee Smith is so fluid he does what any great editor does and has you not even notice the cuts.
Of course everyone wants Mr Bonds head including his superiors and henchmen that have a score to settle, we have a lot of the same here as usual he is irresistible to any woman that comes into contact with him.
The cinematography in this film is also exceptional not sure it was not nominated in some categories  for awards season but then again action films don't get nominated for much.
Some great shots all around and good performances as well as the villain played so well by Christoph Waltz, this is a great actor who knows how to turn on the charm and when to be sinister and downright evil at times.
The evil henchmen played by former professional wrestler Dave Bautista is one of the stiffest most lame villains I have seen in many years-but he's there none the less.
Overall I enjoyed this film, even though a good half hour cut I don't think would have hurt the film as it does drag in some parts.

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Anthony Nadeau


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