Thursday, February 4, 2016

Movie Review: Backcountry(Available Now) Fella Films

I was sent a private link for this film was sent it from the studio.

This story is about as chilling a tale as long as I can remember.
A young couple wanting to get away decide to take a secluded venture out into the beautiful Canadian woods of Ontario.
 Alex(Jeff Roop) & Jenn(Missy Peregrym) are eager to get on their way but still wanting that last selfie.This is a nice start to the film.
Upon reaching their destination they make it to the park station and the park ranger warns them Blackfoot Trail is closed because of people that have somewhat damaged the area. They set out by canoe and come across an area that allows camping so they set up for the night. The brilliant thing here with this film is once night sets so do our eyes , there are no studio lights to set the scene we are in darkness with our characters, cannot see a thing.
 The story is fresh and original, yes there have been many stories of people getting lost but this one just works on so many levels as we are expecting the same old tried and true plot twists and bumps in the night. This has some of that but works on a more intelligent level in the fact the writer/director feels the audience is clever enough to get what he is getting at.
 They are joined one evening by Brad(Eric Balfour--right)he has fish , they have dinner together and Brad heads off on his own again into the night air.
The difference maker there too is the real conversations that are had between the actors here in this scene, really helps create a uncomfortable feeling. That night while Alex & Jenn are sleeping our bear is heard--only heard outside of their tent , then sniffing the tent. Some great build up here.
 There is a real bear being used in this film, not a cgi graphic  and a caribou as well they give credit to the wranglers as well. There is an intense scene when Alex opens the tent and the bear is only meters away from them--the build up of this one scene is masterful and found myself not breathing too heavy along with the actors. That scene alone was one of the best shot scenes of any film I have seen recently.
If you like realistic films that spend more time on character development and real dialogue with real shots of Ontario landscapes this is one I would highly recommend. If you want a fast paced story this is not for you as it takes a while before anything happens which makes it all more intense when things do happen as we have grown with the people we are watching and are concerned for their safety , makes it all more personal--some great classic story building and character development in this film am pleased to have watched it.

I am so thankful for being allowed to watch this film one of the better horror/thriller films in recent memory.

Thank you for reading this 
Anthony Nadeau

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