Wednesday, February 17, 2016

North American Premiere Of Thirsty's Song " 10, 7 & Possibly 6"

A first for me here at Behind The Scenes I have been given the honor of getting the North American Premiere of a song by a band from the UK named Thirsty.
Jennifer Thorington of Working Brilliantly had sent me the album and after a few chats we agreed I was allowed for the premiere , practically jumped out of my skin hearing that.
 Here is some info on the band from the band's Facebook page bio:

 Thirsty is a collection of songs grounded in the classic pop/rock format with thematic elements from arthouse, psychedelic and alternative music. Thirsty began as a songwriting collaboration between an English rock musician, Guy Bailey (founder of Quireboys) and a Russian poet, Irina D.

The songs started with original lyrical and thematic material created by Irina which was set to music composed by Guy; and then recorded during all night sessions in his South London recording studio with the backing of some of England’s most accomplished rock musicians, including Simon Hanson, drums (Death in Vegas, Squeeze), Chris Johnstone (Quireboys), Lynne Jackaman, backing vocals (Saint Jude).

The project gained significant momentum with the support and guidance of legendary Rolling Stones’ producer, Chris Kimsey, whose unique gifts and sensibilities helped to shape each of the tracks into a complete and finished body of work.

Working within the strict formulaic structure of the classic three minute pop song, each of the ten tracks on the album tells a complex life story or gives a vivid picture of a human condition using incisive lyrics and empathetic vocal and musical accompaniment.

For example, "God Bless America" is the life story of Rosemary Kennedy, sister of JFK. She was presented to the Royal Family in England as a beautiful debutante but was later lobotomised on her father’s insistence in an attempt to remedy certain perceived learning and behavioural issues. Fully conscious throughout the process, she was asked by the doctors to sing "God Bless America". When the music stopped, so did they.

"Donnie to Sonny" tells the true story of the enduring friendship between pigeon fancying mafioso Sonny Black and undercover FBI agent Joe Pistone.


Thirsty firmly believe in the enduring immediacy and power of the three minute formula. As with many of the best art forms. Thirsty believe that working within the disciplines of a simple but strict formulaic structure is not limiting but provides the best artists with the opportunity to be most creative.

Less is more.

Before we hit the premiere here is the hit The Quireboys had:
 7 O'Clock
 Now here we have it --was also given permission to have the choice of song from the album and to make an MP3 video of it , here it is 

 Thank you to everyone at Working Brilliantly for this 

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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