Saturday, February 20, 2016

The 2nd Annual Vancouver Badass Film Festival 2016

It is with extreme pleasure to share with you here I have been granted a media pass from David Aboussafy the director of the festival. I was given the pleasure for The Vancouver Short Film Festival last month.
This being only their second fest with the first one last year selling out and is looking as though this one may as well.

 I had seen two of the shorts last month at the VSFF but they seem more suited here with an audience that will certainly appreciate them , Hallow is a creepy little film -made some of my top choices and Bite is an entertaining zombie romance --if you will.
 This festival starts early at 3 pm and will end about 11:15-11:30.It also will have the shorts running through the day and two feature films --the one above The Evil in Us looks creepy as hell.
Happening just this past week the film was picked up for distribution by Raven Banner Entertainment.

Here is the trailer is on Vimeo so have the link:

The Evil In Us Trailer(click here)--start time :-7:30 PM

The other full length film is Atroz(Atrocious)
This film was also picked up for distribution by Unearthed Films for Canada and the US.

Here is the  trailer: Warning not for the squemish or those that do not like horror films(what's wrong with you?)

David told me tonight that Atroz shot in guerilla style film making the local little old ladies in their black dress and praying over the actress speaking  in Spanish in Mexico were startled when the woman's brains were splattered all over the road after they staged a car accident--the film makers had to make a sign to let the people know that this was not real , but a movie that was being made. It sounds funny now but at that particular moment in time was probably pretty scary for the townsfolk.

 Here is yet another link for the Badass Film Festival Website:
  Vancouver Badass Film Festival Website(click here)

 Special guests will be :

Tristan Risk

 Tristan Risk was born on November 2, 1980 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She is an actress, known for American Mary (2012), Call Girl (2014) and The Editor (2014).

Is a sideshow performer and experienced fire dancer/eater, can perform hair hang, and blockhead.
Has toured as a burlesque dancer in over 12 countries.
Personal Quotes:

[on her background] I started with the Russ Meyer stuff and then I discovered there was this whole world of nudie cuties, B-movies, and all these crazy subgenres. And Tarantino was a big part of that.
I have a horseshoe up my ass sideways: I have weird luck. But they say that coincidence is the fabric of magic, so I kinda just take it with a grain of salt, if I can just have my West Coast hippie-raver movement there. Everything kinda happens for a reason, and I love the genre so much. I'm never going to be put in a romantic comedy. I'm never going to be cast in high drama. I'm in the underground where I belong. And I enjoy it 'cause these are my people, and I'm a fan.(source IMDB)

Samantha Mack
 I am The Samantha Mack! "I've been raising eyebrows since 1983. I'm not what you'd expect from the girl next door. I’m a black sheep, a rebel, and proud of it! I didn't get anywhere being good little girl worrying about my reputation now did I?!?"

Find me all over social media
Instagram/Twitter @TheSamanthaMack
Snapchat TheSamanthaMack
Samantha Mack is known as one of Vancouver’s finest entertainers, internet sensations, radio personalities, philanthropists, emcees, spokes models and adult performance artist! You can find Samantha at all of the biggest, bestest, and brightest events!!

Soon after taking to the stage, she found herself holding the microphone. Her quick wit and pure sass had audiences loving everything that came out of her mouth.

You can frequently hear her on QueerFM, CiTR Radio, and the Ryan Steele Show. As well, she boasts tons of entertaining YouTube videos and conventions. If you’re looking for her, you can spot her at the Taboo Sex Expo in Vancouver and the Naughty But Nice Show in the Fraser Valley, the Vancouver Tattoo and Culture Show, singing at the Rinestone Stiletto Show, singing, dancing, and breathing fire at the Exotic Circus, Hosting parties at Winter Pride and the Telus World Ski and Snowboard Festival in Whistler, and making jokes with Patrick Maliha on the XXX Comedy Show!!
Samantha hosts/performs at:
-SinCity Fetish Weekend
-local & international film festivals
-AVNs, Adult Entertainment Expo
And can often be found supporting her pro wrestler boyfriend at ECCW, VIPW, RCW & Big West Wrestling Shows

One of the biggest and most dynamic personalities that you will see and not one to be missed!!(source-Samantha Mack's Facebook Page)

 Mister Nickel
 Mister Nickel has been performing as a burlesque host for upwards of years depending on your linear interpretation of time.
He is noted for his jovial nature, dapper outfits, fuzz covered face and overall excitement to hear his own voice amplified.
He can most often be found hosting Taboo Revue as presented by the Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society with his life-mate-host Bunny.
He has also been a featured host of the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival for the last three years.

If you need him to kill time on stage in a not altogether horrible fashion, he is available for that.(source his artist Facebook page)

I thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau
 Picture from last years Badass Film Festival

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