Monday, March 7, 2016

11th Annual International Women In Film Festival March 8-13: The 70% Dark Short Film Segment

The 11th Annual Women In Film Festival that starts today at the Vancity Theater on Davie St & Seymour St in Vancouver.

I have been given the opportunity to review some of the films early before this Friday's showing --keep in mind this is only 4 of the 9 short films that debut that night at the Festival.

                                         SHEAR THE SHEEP                         

I enjoyed this film for what it was and that is a short look at the mind of a killer and why she is obsessed with killing men with beards that she finds unworthy.
The interrogation scene was done well I thought with some decent performances.

I was given the opportunity and pleasure of seeing Karen Lam's Evangaline -she allowed me to view it and review it for her, this film as well. It was in the Blood In The Snow Film Festival last year and she allowed me to see it prior to the festival but never got around to it , until now.
As the poster states "Objects in the mirror are not as they appear"
This film does a fantastic job of making you scratch your head all the way through and the ending is all confusing to the point you want to watch it all over again, it has that power over you.
Nothing is spelt out for you here , there is some rational and irrational thinking going on here , what an interesting ride.

Led through the house of a woman that just seems to continuously cleans her home and then has some phone calls , then tend to her very badly "Bruised" knee and it looks so very painful. Scenes in the bathroom are not for the squeamish or even the non squeamish.
We are never told what happened or why she won't see a doctor but was hoping those might be questions that would be answered.

I then had a request from another of the filmmakers to view her film before the festival. Victoria Angell who had made Quintupus in 2013 shared Summoned about a woman that hears the devils voice.
The one demon that is summoned to do her bidding also is the one that may posses her in the end.
This one was a creepy little short , well shot and edited , all in all a great little film.

I will have another film review but this will be a feature film titled "End of Days Inc" will have that soon.
I am attending the 70% Dark short film segment on Friday March 11 and the closing event on Sunday March 13th.
If you see me there please come up and say hello am always open to chat enjoy meeting new people.

Thank you for reading this 
Anthony Nadeau

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