Sunday, March 27, 2016

Movie Review: Alienated (In Theaters March 25, 2016 VOD , March 31)October Coast

If you wanted to see an alien invasion film from Woody Allen , this is very typical style of his where everything is over analized.

                                   Story Synopsis:
After seeing a UFO, a man and his skeptical wife are forced to confront their relationship issues.

Case in point is that he sees the UFO early in the film and we are listening to them argue, again and again.This does not make an easy viewing for the audience it's like sitting in on  a couples argument that goes on for hours.
 That being said the dialogue is very consistent and a very likely conversation that a young couple may have over the same issue.
This is a more chatty alien invasion film than what modern audiences may appreciate , not your massive ships with destructive aliens wanting to kill everything and everyone. Instead he sees a spaceship and the rest of the film is the conversation of what he really saw and her thoughts on the entire thing as well.
The film does get kind of bogged down with their constant bickering but is a decent discussion of what some to be a believable truth of aliens existing among us in the universe and those that truly do not believe in any of it.
Taylor Negron(above)plays their next door neighbor who is also looking up at the sky and has questions of his own about this and their relationship as well. Kind of gutsy seeing as they hardly know each other , but that's people for you.

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Anthony Nadeau

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