Friday, March 18, 2016

Short Story Cinema: Madness -Short Film(Available Showings At Festivals)

A short film about a medieval woman who attempts to snatch her husband from his unjust grave only to be plagued by something far worse than death itself...
 I met Michelle Brezinski at the 11th Annual Vancouver International Women's Film Festival last Sunday night. The film she had written had screened earlier in the week. Upon talking to her and her husband I asked if she could send me the film, she did just that and am delighted to have seen it. It screened opening night March 8th celebrating International Women's Day among other films of course.
This small town has been devastated by the plague and many of the town folk are sick as well as our lead character played by Michelle Brezinski . so many have already died and now her husband has also has contacted the disease to which she has to come to terms with.

200 million people lost their lives to the black death and with the score being made just for this film , it has won 28 awards across the globe. I can see why it is an amazing little film shot in Langley BC. 

Has some really good camera work and the story is good even though I would have liked a few minutes longer as it seemed awfully fast in it's story ,but overall it was all done so well I have watched it a number of times and will probably watch it a few more times as well.
They need to burn the bodies on an open fire of course and the death all around them all has them tired and weary of what may happen of them. The production value for this little film helps it's believeability and tell it's story all the better.
After her husband is buried she can still hear him talking to her is he really alive or she is just so far gone from losing him that she has gone mad?

Madness--Short Film Trailer(click here)

Brezinski Films Website(click here) 

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