Sunday, March 6, 2016

Short Story Cinema: Out Of My Skin- Nadine L'Esperance Shocks Again


Ever since I first met Nadine she intrigued me with her short film No Pets Allowed and then Granny Fuckers , now a shorter and more to the point film running just slightly over two minutes it does not have time to waste.
 Wanting to make herself some tea as she is getting her kids ready for school , she has them fed and out the door.
 Not having anything to do with the kids Dad grabs a six pack out of the fridge and proceeds to the living room to consume them.
 She goes and sets a bath for herself to just enjoy sometime to herself and relax in the bath , shouldn't be too hard, right?
 She still has a little one at home so her time is of importance to get in and relax for a short time.
Her peaceful few moments she does enjoy we join her in the bathroom and feel her need to get "Out of My Skin"

Nadine told me this about the film:
 It's about how when your a MOM or a DAD and you're never allowed to go anywhere..even to go pee with out the small ones following you...You just maybe want 2 minutes peace but that doesn't happen.My kids are older now but I have friends where they have sent pictures with kids fingers under the door when you just want that quick moment of solitude.Hence..Please let me have some wine and a hot bath..Let me Out of my skin.

Even with the short length of the film watching it again for a second time and now fully knowing what the film was about makes me appreciate it even more than before. The special effects are wonderful by Deb-Graffenstyne and her team is fantastic work.
I was able to tell her that last month at the 2nd Annual Badass Film Festival.
In it's month anniversary it has been accepted into 4 film festivals already , congrats to the entire team(team picture below)

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau 

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