Saturday, March 12, 2016

The BirdWatcher: International Women In Film Festival March 8-13, 2016

Now pay attention here please this is a Canadian film that was shot here in the Lower Mainland and is one of the best films I have seen this year.
 Story Synopsis:
 The Birdwatcher is the story of Saffron(Camille Sullivan), a single mother of two, who after being diagnosed with cancer, embarks on a journey to re-connect with her estranged birth mother in the hopes of finding a home for her children when she is gone.

This is a fantastic film from the word go and to it's final scenes.
 I really enjoyed the work of all the actors in the film , including the young actors. I say that because a lot of the time children in movies are just filler characters and yet these young ones had their own personalities that did not seem forced or trivial.
Saffron even goes to her ex husband but stops herself from asking him to keep the children.
She then comes in contact with her estranged mother played amazingly well by Gabrielle Rose, who is great in everything she is in. The strength in character in this film is what makes this stand out even with films of a similar story -the acting helps keep this one on a different level all together.
The relationships of the characters with each other and the chemistry within the film it must have been a relaxed set on which they filmed as it was mostly shot outdoors as you can see from the pictures here.
I applaud everyone involved in this film and am excited to see if it picks up any trophies  on Sunday nights awards at the festival.

Here below is the writer of the book and the director of the film asking for help with funding to get the film done, as we all know the film is done but gives us some wonderful insight as to how this became a personal story to both of them as well.

Thank you for reading this 
Anthony Nadeau

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