Friday, March 4, 2016

Wild Eye Releasing Movie Reviews: Queen Crab(Available Now)

I know most of you may not even read this review think it silly to even consider watching a film of this kind. But those that really know me do know that I enjoy movies of all genres , short or feature film. Plus the studio was kind enough to send me the DVD's of all the ones in the picture above.
 Giant bugs and monsters have been in cinema for many decades you have Them!(1954) and Godzilla(1954) and many versions since then have surfaced. Then we have giant spiders and 2 of my favorites of those are Eight Legged Freaks and Big Ass Spider. Queen Crab ranks with those big bug movies of the past and has some great stop motion animation that the filmmakers have worked nicely into the film.

With all the computer generated images or CGI the stop motion is a lost art almost except for the lower budget films that cannot afford the work to be done on their film(s)

As most of these sort of films are there is an accident and then over time(many years later) the young woman that names the crab Pee-Wee is back and now his name is Colossus as she tells her long lost friend because he is so large now calling him Pee-Wee would seem silly now.
 For those of you that enjoy a good, campy fun filled and some decent acting for the most part --if you can't appreciate all the work that went into a film like this ,then I suggest you stay away. From a man that has Killer Klowns From Outer Space, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes and many other low budget fun films in his collection I am happy to have this to add to it as well.
 Sure the film is grainy in parts and the sound is low in some scenes but that is independent film folks -one scene when the women are outside you can hear all the background noises of the animals in the woods more than you can the women. Bigger studios etc have their actors go to a sound booth to re-record the actors voices to be better heard. I personally welcome the other as it really shows that the scene was shot outdoors as opposed to a studio set.

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Anthony Nadeau

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