Thursday, August 11, 2016

Upcoming Films: Rogue One-A Star Wars Story--Premieres December 16, 2016--UPDATED August 11, 2016-NEW Full Length Trailer!!

December 16, 2016 is the release date for yet another story from the Star Wars Universe. This one is years before Star Wars(1977) and has another female lead in the role and some other surprises.

                                         August 11, 2016

New awesome trailer --and a surprise at the very end of it as well!!

                         July 15, 2016
    New Behind The Scenes Trailer!! Exciting times in my books--even though I have not been a fan of the most recent films:

 The trailer debuted this morning and has already caused some early backlash on the film having yet another female lead , most fingers point to that of Kathleen Kennedy who was named President of Lucasfilm after George Lucas sold the company to Walt Disney Studios. I find it odd and sad that so much negative attention is already being given to the film on just the fact that another young woman is the lead in the film. I am not going to get my hopes up for this one as the last four Star Wars films I have not been fond of for the most part, but will see it still.
 So here is the trailer and like all the other films I will be seeing this in the theaters.

 Now for those that are skilled enough and are totally familiar with Return of the Jedi(1983)will have noticed the older woman speaking to the lead in the film whose name is Jyn "We have a mission for you" are the words spoken is none other than Mon Mothma
Seen below is the image from the new film to the left and the other from Return of the Jedi.

 So now we wait once again and see what this story brings us.

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