Thursday, May 19, 2016

5 Years Of Blogging---------Where Does The Time Go? Thank You All!!

If you had told me 5-6 years ago that I would be having my own site and reviewing movies and music for labels and studios I would have said you were crazy. In the years doing this I have counted in that time it has been 8 movie studios , some I no longer review for not by choice but just not sent anymore films from them. 42 music labels and more coming--more news on that later.
 I had got work for a while on a site that reviewed and covered strictly horror films, books etc. There I had got the experience to do what I do and am still thankful of Scott Ruth that had me write for his site D'Ment'd C inema.We parted ways of course but he was very helpful in helping me do what I do now. He had suggested that I start with a review of a movie that I just had watched and my first entry here was "The Lost Boys".
The banner you see above is also another person there was Steve and he made the banner for me from images I had chosen.
This was the first image I ever used to promote my blog , the reasoning for the title and I did think long and hard about it, is this.
I have always been fascinated  with Behind The Scenes of movies, music and anything creative--feeling the people usually get the least credit for their work, there you have it.
 This is where the writing and thinking process comes from, but not all of course.I was then shortly after writing my review of seeing KISS in Abbotsford in 2011.
I then was asked to write reviews for Rockstar Weekly , run by Dan & April. The site had won awards and considered themselves the Canadian equivalent of Rolling Stone. The website shut down a few years ago.
 I was then considered for writing some articles about Canadian Cinema Editors in Toronto for Cinema Editor out of Los Angeles. This was a paid job and was asked to do 2 articles on the team.
 I have always been forever grateful for all these opportunities from everyone , feel very fortunate and I thank you.
 After leaving Rockstar Weekly I had contacted Century Media as I had been in contact with the publicist Nikki Law and this was the first label I had the honor of doing reviews for, Nikki is still working but she left Century and went to Metal Blade Records, I wish her the best , always.I am still on the review list for Century Media.

Other labels accepted my offers to do reviews for them and as I gained some attention I had other labels approaching me to review.
 Then I reached out to a few major studios , not hearing anything back from them I then tried a few smaller studios and was accepted by The Asylum for reviews. This was major for me even though they release films most people would not bother watching , this was still a studio none the less and was honored.
They have grown in size mostly due to their Sharknado films , but the studio has made some decent films over the years as well.
 The the unthinkable happened even though at this point I had a few studios I was reviewing movies for, Jim Barr opened Little Shop of Movies and then allowed me to review movies for the store. This continues today with the new owners Kathleen & Art- I have been honored to be doing this for them. The picture above is the old location and here is the new.
 They do not only rent movies but also sell board games and have Magic: The Gathering tournaments as well to keep the business alive as rentals are not what they used to be as we all know.

 I was a fan of the site Metaltitans and had won tickets to see Alice Cooper on this site --yes also in Abbotsford.I have had the chance to meet and become friends with Rita & Char Tupper of the site. Some great ladies to know not just because they are great people but also they are talented as well.
Rita writes reviews of concerts and Cds and Char takes such awesome photos.I did a fundraiser in 2014 and they both came and covered it for me, I am forever grateful.....more on that in a while.

Also over the years I have been so fortunate to be asked to review Independent filmmakers movies, this is more of a thrill for me as this singular person has chosen you to review their film. Also the same can be said of the music makers.
Some of you know what this next company means to me and the inspiration that the people in the company give me. When there are times I am doubting what I am doing they are constantly there for me as any family is of course. I had met Yvonne Loveland with her emailing me to do some reviews on the bands on her roster --I have never looked back and am forever grateful for her allowing me to be a part of it all. 
The biggest thing is the motivation , the talks , the positive approach to each and every task at hand. Sure there are things we all do for ourselves but when someone is there to give support and gently push you is big, more than most care to give of themselves--this is one incredible woman and the teamwork shows!
There are so many varied avenues in which Voodoo Queen Management runs around the world, so many to mention check out the website.

Over the years I have also been fortunate enough to see  many bands that are on the labels I review and also been able to interview.
I have had 2 interviews with Jill Janus lead singer of Huntress one by email and the 2nd in person and was allowed to tape it.
The great group of people that have shared their time with me is greatly appreciated for those moments are special, to me and hopefully they enjoyed it too.

Band members interviewed:
Mike Gaspar--Drummer for Moonspell
Erik Olson--Guitar/Vocals for Lord Dying
Battlecross-- Vocals--Mike "Gumby" Gunther
Unleash The Archers-- Vocals Brittney Slayes 
Christos---Guitar for Septicflesh
I was 100% honored to have been part of a phone conference call last week that was press only that was with Dolly Parton, Linda Rondstant & Emmylou Harris all in regards to the Trio albums they had released in the late 80' and early 90's. Am not allowed to speack any further of it until the fall when the compilation albums are coming out.

The fundraiser in 2014 was amazing 6 months of hard work paid off when it came to the night of the event.
I had done 95% of the work myself --organizing the bands first to see who would play and getting it all organized with The Haney Public House, the bands played for free. 
I then approached both of the local papers and they both kindly made & put ads in their papers for free for me.I then asked Ashif at Sure Copy in Maple Ridge to make the posters from the ads and some other items as well, he also did not charge me for his work.
I had asked Brad Curtis & The Some x6 Band
The Ruskin River Band
Dalhmer's Realm
My Own Chaos &
The Rappists
Sadly as of last year My Own Chaos are no more and a few weeks back The Rappists announced they are putting down their mics soon as well.I sincerely thank all of the bands for being there for me I am forever grateful for the amazing efforts you put in for me and the charity that night.
The people in my family Robyn, Kasey & Sandy for the help that night and my friends Jon Aaron for last minute mic duties Art & Kathleen for the support and the help.Without the place to play so thanks to The Haney Public House as well.

I would like to thank my family & friends for the years of support as well so many of you have helped me grow as a writer and so many of you have supported me since day one either here or my Facebook page for this which is now 501 strong!!

 Once again I thank you for allowing me to share my passion with you of the arts, music and movies. It means a lot to me to have you reading my posts and please share this and any other posts you may like --it's easy and I thank you.

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau
PS- this was written in 2 hours.

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