Thursday, May 12, 2016

Little Shop of Movies Review: Deadpool(Available Now)

Grab a chair as this may take a while to get through this one.
 Comfy?, good.
So not being 100% familiar with the character  that is Deadpool or as we first begin to know him as Wade Wilson , who is involved with local bars betting system of who can be killed in a fight --which is entitled Deadpool where he first thinks "Captain Deadpool" but then just sticks with the latter, obviously.
 After an opening shot that is slowed down to show us the wreck that happens somewhat later in the film, he waits patiently above a bridge for their arrival.
Who is he waiting for? That would be the bad guys that made him this way........wait you don't know the story either?
He is Wade Wilson and given a diagnosis that he has late stage lung cancer , he is then tempted by the same masters of pain that created Wolverine in the X-Men films and is given a 2nd chance at life--re mutated and incredibly strong makes him a hard target to kill.
 This is where I felt the movie lost me and some others as well, the constant narrative and flashbacks that were really not needed in a film like this. His constant one liners were poor ,felt they were just attempting to do a R-rated Spiderman.
I did not find this film funny nor entertaining in the least.
I usually love films like this I am all for ones that never take themselves seriously , I could not get into this film.
 Lame jokes about the X-Men ,even though he gets help from 2 of them to help him take on his enemies and word is because of the success of the film some of the new comic book films will also be restricted most notably is the new Wolverine film.
 The villain  is nothing new or any more evil than anything before , just another nut job.
Each to their own on this film as I know many people enjoy this one but much like last years Star Wars film this is not something I would watch again.

I also do not care for Ryan Reynolds, he plays the same sort of character in almost every film he is in.

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau


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