Friday, May 13, 2016

SGL Entertainment Movie Review: Insane BLU-RAY / DVD Release Date: 10/11/16


Based on a terrifying series of events, INSANE is the story that you don't want to hear at night. A manifestation of evil that begins to engulf the life of a young couple who just moved into a mansion. Unable to deny the demonic presence any longer, things begin to change… And Not for the Better…
THE MOVIE STARS: Greg Chandler Maness, Vincent Rivera, Terry G. Reed, Marcella Rodriguez and Anthony Werley

Another found footage film that has some really good moments and an interesting enough story to keep you interested in the film.
 A young couple buy a new home, a beautiful lavish home and he wants to make a recording of the grounds and all the surroundings and then takes us into the home. 
There is ultimately an evil prescence in the home that makes some noises and some odd things start to happen.
 There is some suspicion after a few nights and the husband sets up some cameras around the home in and outside. This is a story we have seen many times before, there is a difference here.
 The way characters are introduced and also the creepy clown, things are built up this does not just happen and there are elements of certain doom. The tension is built up well and we feel a helpless watching this couple go through this.
 Insane is a great title for this film as it is clearly found when the demon clown gets his wish which I will not spoil here. The spirit of this clown is not a good spirit as I am sure you can tell just by looking at him above.
 The couple in the film are played by a real life couple , this works great in the film as they really have a nice chemistry together.
 If you like films that slowly work the story and make you wait for the scares and as the tension builds then check this out and wait for the insanity to begin.
 Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau


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