Thursday, May 5, 2016

Short Story Cinema: Tailypo (Available Now)

There are those that have a great gift in telling a story and Cameron McCasland is one of those people this and his previous work "The Lashman" are great tributes and keeping the old school story telling alive with a great passion.
Before we go any further some history on this film if you will:

 Tailypo is a frightening ravenous cat-like creature of North American folklore, particularly in Appalachia. Alternate names include: Taileybones, Tailbones, Taily Po, Tally Po, Taileypo, Tailey Po and Tailipoe(sies). Most often (and especially in older adaptations) the Tailypo legends are simply titled "Tailypo."
The Tailypo is usually described as being the size of a dog, with yellow or red eyes, pointed ears and a long tail. In some versions of the folktale, it has tufted ears like a bobcat. It is covered in black or dark brown fur to camouflage its nocturnal activities. Its claws are its main weapon.
The Tailypo can speak like a man, and demands the return of its tail (the actual phrase varies between versions, but is always repeated, usually three times): "Taily-po, Taily-po...who has my Taily-po..."

 Levon and his dog Jasper go hunting , because it is just the two of them together -he talks to Jasper, and often. He and Jasper hear a noise so he shoots into the woods and hits something where he takes the animals tail clean off.
He takes the tail and makes a stew with carrots and other things --as they eat by the campfire they hear the beast asking for his tail back.
 Everything in this little film works from the directing the sounds and the great score by an also fantastic filmmaker that is Thomas Berdinski, director of some great B-shorts and feature films as well.
Short films are easily taken my heart by storm the more I see them , the more short films I want to see.
I feel the reason is this --when younger I used to write and read short stories all the time so for me it is a visual form of the short story(of course) and makes it all that more enjoyable as well for me.
Tailypo is a creepy little film if you lie alone at night--these are the tales that kept you up at night when you were a child. Look at those eyes, the teeth--he means business and wants his tail back.
I can see why it won Best Short Film, great story and great visual way to tell it as well.

If you can find it and you like these sorts of "Tails" I cannot recommend it enough.

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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