Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Wild Eye Releasing Movie Review--Raiders Of The Lost Shark(Available Now)

The story of this film is four friends go out on a trip by boat and unknown to them in the waters is a genetically engineered shark that has hate programmed in it and is able to hunt any human within range.
 It was interesting that each of the women had bikinis underneath all their clothing , however the men only had their underwear on , no swim trunks--just an observation.
This was a decent B-movie, this type of film will never make your local multi-plex and that's ok by me I prefer these over 90% of what comes to those anyways.
 There are those that would knock this film for all reasons but the title alone lets you know that they are just having some fun anyways, if not this is not your film--you won't like it.
 If you like low budget films that are just plain fun then check this film out I was pleasantly surprised by it.
 Candice Lidstone(above)gives the best performance here in the film , she is really convincing in her role as Prof. Carly Reynolds. On a mission to stop the shark that can also fly and attack it's prey that way as well.
 Look, I told you not to take this seriously as the reviews on IMDB suggest those poor people have, lighten up it's only a movie folks.I enjoyed this film as did some others as well.
People giving this one star , well I give it at least 5 for effort and all around cheese.

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Anthony Nadeau

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