Friday, June 17, 2016

CD-DVD Review: Ayreon - The Theater Equation(Available Now)Inside Out Music

                                         This rating is special with the extra star , means it made an impact                                                                                           on me  musically and in this case visually as well.

There are times when I am so very happy in what I do and whenever I see this man's music come across my desk I honestly get shivers up my spine. Musically he is amazing and a good human being as well from what I get from his interviews.
Here is the story as I did not know it prior to viewing this awesome performance:
 "The Story of/Het Verhaal van The Human Equation(above)

After being involved in a car-crash, a man has slipped into a coma. His wife and his best friend are with him at the hospital, worried that they might be responsible for what happened. Unaware of his condition, the man discovers a strange realm inside his head where his emotions have come to life. It is clear that some of them don’t want him to wake up ever again. Will he fight for his life, or give in to his physical pain and mental anguish, and die?"

From the opening of the curtains to the final curtain and the surprise at the end I was engrossed by the performers , the musicians and the overall performance. I listen to it again as I write this always inspired by his music and lyrics not something that you normally consider what a musical event is but I saw Jesus Christ Superstar live in Vancouver when it came in the 90's and was blown away as I am with this event.
Each voice adding to the overall enjoyment of the music played so effortlessly by the musicians. Such a range of talents in the voices , choir and the young man that plays all the wind instruments --pan flute, obo, flute and even at one point the didgeridoo & others as well.

I got the overall feeling that this is a man in a coma as it states above and in fight with his own demons and angels  --thoughts and memories of past doings as it is shown in a party atmosphere near the end of Act 1.

Act 2 starts with an ominous opening heavier than anything that was in the first act. His mind telling him he is better off dead.
This is an incredible production over all some complaints have been about the lighting but he is in darkness between two worlds is how I see it and it sets the mood for the overall setting of what the story is all about. I get that understanding being a fan of horror movies, but also could appreciate with every single light on in the theater in which this was performed.

 If you don't believe me then here is a trailer for the DVD release 

Here is also a song that is

Day 2 Isolation:

I need a copy of this DVD/Blu-Ray as I enjoy it so much and the version I saw last night had just the intro and the credits were all cut off and there is hours of additional footage of things.
I am always constantly impressed with the music that Ayreon makes and actually gets recorded this is a beautiful addition to anyone's home that can appreciate the music and the talents involved in all of this.
Encore, I am playing that right now!

 Thank you for reading this 
Anthony Nadeau

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