Tuesday, June 14, 2016

EP Review: Without Mercy-Mouichido(Available Now)

This is band that I saw last year play The Wolf Bar here in Maple Ridge.Hailing close by they are from Abbotsford and kick major ass and take no names.
Now this is a band that you either love or hate --this is in your face brutal metal. But also with an extreme amount of talent behind it all. How can you have both you ask? Well if you know metal and can appreciate it in all it's forms and all the talent it takes to play a style like this, riffs heavy bass -trigger happy drumming --vocals that make your ears bleed , then sign up for this EP has it all you could want.
 Here is a rundown of what the four songs are about to give you some understanding as evil as the music may come across that this is still being played by human beings --not monsters as some of you may think!


-This song represents a person in your life that causes you undue stress and pressure. They constantly bring you down and are a negative force in your life. The catch phrase, “You smell like a bitch” is drawing attention to the cowardice in their actions and tells the story of their inability to help the situation and only serve to make it worse. Close listeners of this track will be able to piece together the story of how our relationship with previous members deteriorated.
Here is the music video for this one:
In Waves:
This song is about the path becoming more clear to making things right again. Becoming focused on repairing an issue and rebuilding a cause. This song represents the sheer will of not allowing yourself to stay the victim but instead, taking massive action to improve. As the final lyric of the song states, “Shatter Paradigms”.
A decent into madness. The song discusses the fall into the dark depths of hell while outlining mental illness. Listeners of this song can hear references to famous depictions of damnation from other literary worlds and even a very famous video game. Here is the music video for this one:

– On the surface, this song comes across as if being about addiction to the powerful pain medication. In reality, it represents the addiction to self loathing which can often manifest in drug addiction. The song touches about issues with personal demons and hatred for your own appearance which leads to depression. 

All around this is one killer EP and also Dj Temple the lead guitarist did a play through video for "Burn" and it got played on Gear Gods only one of the most respected websites for many guitarists of many different styles of music, shows you how talented this kid is.
 I talked to Dj about it and he was excited to see that he got on their website that morning.

 Look forward to seeing them again when they come back home, here are their current dates on tour across the country.

 Tour Dates:
June 7 – Edmonton, AB – The Mercury Room
June 8 – Lethbridge, AB – Attainable Records
June 10 – Winnipeg, MB – The Windsor
June 11 – Brandon, MB – North Hill Inn
June 16 – Thunder Bay, ON – Black Pirate’s Pub
June 17 – Sudbury, ON – The Asylum
June 18 – Oshawa, ON – The Diezel Room
June 19 – Woodstock, ON – Illusions Night Club
June 20 – Toronto, ON – Coalition T.O.
June 21 – Montreal, QC – Piranha Bar
June 22 – Sherbrooke, QC – Le Murdoch
June 23: Guelph On w/Threat Signal 
June 24: Ottawa
June 25 – Timmins, ON – TBA
June 28 – Portage la Prairie, MB – Masonic Hall
June 29 – Regina, SK – TBA
June 30 – Medicine Hat, AB – TBA
Jul 23 – SBC Restaurant – Vancouver, BC

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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