Saturday, June 25, 2016

Epic Pictures Movie Reviews: Nina Forever(Available Now)

This was a bizarre little love story-triangle? Nina is dead by the time we have joined Rob and his story of meeting Holly. They work together in the local grocery store and one day Rob has an accident and cuts himself , Holly helps him with the cut.
 They are fond of each other and when they are intimate for the first time , blood starts to cover the sheets --not sure what is happening I thought maybe he was killing Holly. The oddest thing starts to happen is that Nina appears in the bed with them.
 In possibly the most awkward introduction as far as I can remember Rob then introduces Nina to Holly. The look on Holly's face(above) is about how I felt when it happened.
 They exchange looks in an awkward state of nothing I have seen before.
In another scene Nina comes in and there is almost a 3some that happens until she puts a stop to it.
 I feel that this is a story of grief and letting go. Rob and his parents loved Nina & in their hearts are unable to let her go/rest. So she is there as a constant reminder to Rob whenever he is intimate with Holly. She also sees Nina I feel as she cares for Rob so she is helping him cope and loving him at the same time.
 Dark & twisted little movie , never thought a movie like this would see the light of day.  Not saying I did not enjoy it as I did enjoy it  but very risky & taboo subject matter but handled very well.
Dark romantic comedy is certainly an understatement on necrophilia or an obsession of the dead. 

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau


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