Friday, July 8, 2016

CD Review: Revocation-Great Is Our Sin(Available July 22)Metal Blade Records

Get ready for your ears to bleed , everything is awesome about this fantastic album. From the first to last track this is extreme metal at it's best , riffs to amazing skill on the drums from that of Ash Pearson(ex 3 Inches of Blood).
 Each song having one impressive sound all it's own yet still having the sound that is Revocation. Guttural vocals and riffs that kill many of those playing guitar in any band today.
Skills like these are not easily done and being able to record them as well and have them to keep is an awesome treat to the ears.

 I have already listened to this album three times is a great addition to an already stellar year for music even though I have not been reviewing as much as I have in the past.

 My favorite song on the album is "Only The Spineless Survive" such a blend of melodies and the offbeat of the drums in the background give it a real eeriness to the entire mood of the song.
Here is a making of video of the album, some great stuff here!

 Being able to mix it up as well , showing their skill set "The Exaltation" is just an instrumental piece. Like many progressive bands before this is a very melodic piece of music. Gives a break from the vocals but even highlights their great musical genius even more.

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Anthony Nadeau

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