Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Asylum Movie Review -Sharknado 4:The 4th Awakens(July 31 , 2016)(Early Review)

The 4th is not always the best & it not always the worst either, that was part 3.
Here we have a celebrity line up almost a roast of sorts, as the majority get their heads chomped off by the big bad sharks.
Carrot Top, Vince Neil(Motley Crue) Paul Schaefer , Dog The Bounty Hunter, Wayne Newton, Gilbert Gotfried Corey Taylor(Slipknot), there are more as this franchise has become bigger than most would imagine..
 This has the fun and spirit of the first two films , tons of funny one liners. An explosion happens and yellow bricks are thrown in the line of where Fin and company are running away from the Sharknado and he yells "Follow the yellow brick road" then as he passes the camera quietly says " I can't believe I just said that"
 If you like Fast & Furious you will be ever impressed with Fins driving abilities in some of the great scene of him driving down a funnel cloud, hilarious.
 If you take any of these movies seriously then I feel sad for you, this is for pure fun and entertainment.
 We get Al Roker weatherman extraordinaire giving us the details of the oil-nado , fire-nado and with a special report Gilbert Gottfried of a COW-NADO!!
 There is even a guest car in the film and it is the original car from the film "Christine" was cool seeing this car again and the cameo as well, Fin got to drive the car. Never seen someone drive with such care in a movie before.

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Anthony Nadeau

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