Thursday, August 11, 2016

Chemical Burn & Sector 5 Film Reviews: Accidental Exorcist

I have seen a lot of these types of films over the decades from The Exorcist -(still one of the scariest films ever made)to this one. The title says it all he is indeed accidental and his skills are different than any other exorcist that I have seen before.
 He is a drunk, dirty man that spends his evening in his just as filthy apartment , where he is always late on the rent.
 When he finishes the task at hand he awakens outside with an envelope full of money for his troubles , problem is it is winter at the time in which the film takes place --so he is almost frozen in some cases.
 In the darkness there is some light in the way of comedy, dark but still comedy. The man above had his jaw strapped shut and when it is removed he just clicks his jaw and is quickly asked to refrain from doing so as it is annoying.
I enjoyed this film as many modern horror films forget to do is to get your audiences attention and keep it , there are some scenes that could have been shortened or omitted from the film all together but I enjoyed it.

Thank you for reading this 
Anthony Nadeau

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