Saturday, October 1, 2016

Hallowe'en Horrors--What Scares You? Jaws & The Myths of The Great White Shark

This write up is going to happen once a day until Hallowe'en!

When I was little I remember my father taking me and my 2 older brothers to the theater to see Jaws. I was terrified of the movie but mostly of the scene when Richard Dreyfus is at the ship that has a massive hole in it and he finds a sharks tooth lodged inside the hole.
Then and without warning a human head pops into the frame, classic film making that still stands the test of time.
Here is the scene below:

Here is a saddening statistic , that the perception and fear of the great white shark after the debut of both the book and mostly the movie with the fantastic score of John Williams would cause panic across the globe of a mammal that is not predatory in nature against humans.
This is from the BBC Magazine:

How Jaws Misrepresented The Great White

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Anthony Nadeau

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