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Metallica's Back & Better Than Black!

(left to right) Cliff Burton-Bass--Lars Ulrich-Drums--James Hetfield-Guitars, Lead Vocals--Dave Mustaine--Lead Guitar.

Heavy Metal has always been in the underground, with the exception of a few that break through the barrier of radio never really ever a place to metal to call home. Some would argue the point as Bon Jovi and other hair bands make radio play. True Heavy Metal not hair metal would always remain true to itself and it's loyal followers. More so than any pop band , bands like Metallica have a staying power because of the loyalty of their fans.

Kirk Hammet(left)would join the band after Dave Mustaine got kicked out of the band and would go onto form his own metal band Megadeth a powerhouse band with album titles like "Peace Sells, But Who's Buying?"
Writing songs that would go past the ten minute mark and thrashing and shredding faster than most musicians could keep up with they had a few amazing albums starting off, where they really found their following was the incredible "Master of Puppets"
I lived in Kelowna and a friend of mine down the road from me had the album on cassette tape and loaned it to me, took it home and was blown away , the sounds coming at me were something I had not heard before. Even slows it down a bit with "(Welcome Home)Sanitarium"
Years would pass and I would see them at the Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver BC, with Jason Newsted he would replace Cliff Burton after the tragic death in the tour buss.
...And Justice For All was the last album that the band would write lengthy songs with some meaning to them and overall some incredible music as well. The band would make their break into music video with "One" from the album.
They got all shined up and radio friendly from their Black Album with Enter Sandman , this would catapult them into the major spotlight and were even nominated for a Grammy Award--ended up losing to Jethro Tull.......ok
This in a way would be an end of the band that was always in the metal heads hearts, some would follow others would stop and quick. While there were some decent songs my favorite on this album was and always will be "Sad But True" in true Metallica  form there were great riffs and an overall menacing theme to the song.
There would be many albums and as bad as each one got the Load & Re-Load albums probably their worst, I still supported them until Death Magnetic.During that time Jason Newsted would leave the band and joined Canadian metallers Voi Vod for a bit before forming his own band of his own last name. 
Robert Trujillo(left) would join after Jason's departure and having played most with Ozzy Ozbourne he was a welcome addition to a band in desperate need of a bassist.
This has all changed and man has it ever come full circle , like they hit a flashback era or something. Their new album comes out in November and they have launched some new videos for the two first songs off the album--wow do they kick major ass!!
Listening to the first track/video as I type this ---RIFFS-Drums did I mention RIFFS?? James got his gruff and fierce voice back , not sure where it went but welcome back man, welcome the hell back!
They were starting to sound like some of the lame ass bands that they inspired to play thrash. Sold their souls --along with their killer RIFFS and made them the amazing machine they are known and loved for.
Here is the first song Hardwired:

The drumming is so fierce and Lars Ulrich has re-launched his attack on the skins making them sound so beautiful and the mixing is great on these songs as well.
Song #2 is Moth In A Flame

I WILL be buying this new album am looking forward to hearing all of the great tunes they clearly have in store for us die hard metal heads--they are too and so happy to hear them back
Back in Black ..........but better!

Thank you for reading this 
Anthony Nadeau
Date was May 31 1989 7:30 pm Ticket was $25.00
Saved the review from the paper as well as the ticket on the right.
The Cult opened for them.

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