Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Vancouver International Film Festival--The Movies & The Awesomeness Of It All

I have had some pretty incredible experiences over the years doing this blog. Attending a good number of concerts and film festivals. Films and music being sent to me from individuals and studios and labels from all over the world. I am so very thankful to all of those that have kept it all happening for me.

Vancouver International Film Festival executive Director , Jacqueline Dupuis
                                           Photo Credit:MARK VAN MANEN/PNG
This year was 16 days of film watching from all over the world I was given the amazing privilege to be able to attend this festival and see some amazing work from some great artists.
I had to pick up the pass at The Sutton Hotel in Vancouver , upon doing so I was very impressed with the quality of the hotel.
Went to the 3rd floor to get my pass and by the elevator there was a desk with many programs and other items as well. This is where I stopped and placed my pass at and took a photo. Was shaking with excitement having all this happen for me, thankful.
I had some films I wanted to see the day I was finally able to make it into the festival. I was asked to better prepare myself for next time as the point of the festival(or any for that matter)is to get press for it while it is still happening, not afterwards.
Made my way into the International Village Cinemas to find there was a Standby line for "The Architect" and then that line was sold out with the first 3 people making it in.
There was a showing for "1;54" coming up in the next few minutes and was interested in attending "Radio Dreams" after that was over.
Went to the table for press and the nice folks at the table gave me a ticket to that film and offered me any of the following films later in the day.
Again there was a standby line for this as the festival has certain films that are screened for all audience members and there were a few groups of high school kids in attendance for this film. Had a nice chat with some people in the line and one woman who's mother was the producer for another film that was at the festival.
I will take my approach to the festival more serious next year if given the same opportunity.Onto the film.

Arrived a few minutes late as the wait was about ten minutes into the film, lots of racing to get to the theater. In a film festival setting they have to keep their times accurate for each showing or no showing after will be on time, some failed to realize that.

The film is of the hardships of growing up in today's world for the youth of today, mocking, bullying does not end on the school yard as it did when I was a child. It follows their every step whether they did anything to instigate this behavior or not.
The film comes to us from France and has a sobering look at the effect certain behaviors can and will effect others. Two close friends Francis who is gay but reserved about it and Tim who gave up running after the passing of his mother.
Jen(left) & Tim(right)speak of things that concern them of Tim mocking Francis in a scene of a crowded cafeteria where he had said some mean words about Francis and his lifestyle.This is not at all a sugar-coated look at life in high school , this is real and the emotions are real as they are hard to watch at times.
Some very touching moments when Tim  shares a very secret and personal moment with his father telling him he loves him no matter what. I am not one into spoiling movie secrets for others. This is a very well done film that one certain part of it questioned the entire validity of the entire film, a certain cell phone recording.

Story Synopsis:
A brilliant and misunderstood Iranian writer struggles to pursue his ambitious goal of bringing together Metallica and Kabul Dreams, Afghanistan's first rock band.

This film has a lot of heart and with it comes understanding and compassion for the leads in the film. Very offbeat and original in it's story Radio Dreams is the hopeless dream of getting a band as big as Metallica on the station.
The station owner (man with glasses)& his daughter (right, back) run a tight ship at the Iranian run radio station that tries to fill air time with stories of old women that call the police when a penguin is spotted in her back yard. 
Singer-songwriter Mahsen Namjoo(left, front) stars as the station manager Hamid Royani who berates most of the staff and the time it takes for Metallica show. 

The young modest men that are wanting to share the spotlight with Metallica are fantastic -they are a semi real band. With  all the chatter of whether the musicians will really make an appearance or not, there was a agreement to air commercials which went down with very funny results.
Only one jingle was really written for the station and is played each time before each commercial that is usually read on air by one of the staff members.
All around I had a great time at the festival and would like to thank all that made it possible for me to attend and see the few films I did.

Anthony Nadeau
So much more than just a film festival as you may note below.

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