Sunday, October 30, 2016

Wild Eye Releasing Movie Reviews: A Plague So Pleasant

Long overdue on my review for this film, I apologize to those that have waited for this.
This film starts off slowly but then once it gets going it is a pretty decent (almost parody)of former zombie films--note the picture above.Zombies are now a protected species and when someone is bitten by a zombie they then become protected as well, there are visiting hours for the family to come and see their loved ones and see if there is any humanity left in them.

I have been watching low budget films since I can remember and for me are a learning tool as they are ultimately for the filmmakers in most instances for the independent scene at least. Many stars and seasoned filmmakers started out this way, some go to film school others feel the best test is just hands on full time.

Enough camp comedy to keep those non full horror fans watching , sucks to be them doesn't it?
Let us remind you though that these "zombies" as they are called were someone's brother, son, wife, sister, mother, father.
Let's be kind to those we don't understand.

Here is their Facebook page for the film:

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Anthony Nadeau

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