Saturday, November 26, 2016

The Blood In The Snow Canadian Film Festival--The Shorts

I was sent the majority of the short films that are appearing at the festival.I will review them alphabetically.

This is easily one of the best shorts of the festival , opens with a woman taking a breather on the couch and on the baby monitor we hear a baby start to cry which is quickly soothed it quiet. Then a voice appears on the monitor soothing the baby and the mother. Not all is as it seems , there is something-someone else with the baby, soon she will find out.
This puts an interesting twist on a family that has had a loss and one of the young boys makes a wish for the other to return. Upon meeting a man at a garage sale he gets these special rocks that can give you anything you wish he is told, no matter what it is your wish will eventually get to you. But you know what we have always been told, careful what you wish for.

Interesting film of a chair with a entity that possesses the chair and the people that sit on it. Weird and scary dreams happen upon sitting on the chair -to the point of torching it in a big bonfire, but is that enough?

Constance tells the story of a young woman that is haunted by the spirit of Constance. The story is well told and the flashback scenes work very well for this 8+ minute story. The end result is something that will stick with you for sometime after watching it.
This was an odd little tale. Not a word is spoken in all the 6 minutes of something strange happening in what looks like an abandoned warehouse. 3 men wearing gas masks and work pullovers are working on another man on a table. This seems to be a dead person who is brought to life , terror ensues for a few moments and then left scratching our heads.
For me this film seemed a little forced and did not include the audience enough. Just when we felt we knew a little about the man in the film , they throw another curve ball not sure if they had intended this or not. The film lost my interest about half way through.

This is a little gem of a film again. Here we have a can that has a ghost in it but not sure what kind of ghost or what the end result may be.He wins the ghost can for his girlfriend on an actual loss of a baseball toss at a fair , taking her home he slips it into her bag and is on his way. At night alone she hears the can hit the floor in the kitchen. Good little mystery of what happens next , & a chuckle as well.

This is easily my favorite short of the festival. Here we have some flashback's to days earlier in Ingrid's life and the life of her son. Here we are touching on Alzheimer's , there is nothing horrific here there is just a touching story of a woman and the disease that has taken from so many. Well done little film will be watching for more from this crew.
Jason & his buddies have gone to a strip club and unknown to Jason they have bought him a lap dance. The young woman he gets is new to the scene of this sort of thing. Unknown to everyone involved and each of us watching , we were never prepared for this to happen. Creepy little story once it hits the end of the film , came out of left field did not see that coming.
I had seen this short at the 2nd Annual Badass Film Festival earlier this year also  met the director Gigi Saul Guerrero & her star Tristan Risk as well.
Very interesting premise and found the subject matter like nothing I had seen before & probably won't for sometime. Gigi & her production company Luchagore Productions have such a different approach and feel to each of their films that they do, creative & exploratory in the different subject matters they do.

My Brother Charlie is the title of the next film. It is about Charlie told through the eyes of his older brother David. Charlie keeps getting locked away for things that he has done to other, or is there something else going on here? Good performances from both of the young actors makes for a better little film.

No Trespassing is our next film and unlike many of the other films this is truly a film that allows the viewer to make their own mind up of what is really happening. A young woman and her friend go on a walk and suddenly her friend vanishes when they trespass on someones property. This enchanting little film finds her followed by a shape and some are visions she has and others?....well, just watch it....
Spread is a uneasy film  in the subject matter of contact with someone who is not well physically or mentally.But this was a very interesting movie.  I liked the music and cinematography that was chosen for this film.She was crazy, she wanted revenge.  She also wanted to be loved.
This is an  short with an odd premise that is full of subjectivity that has little or no dialogue. Now unlike a lot of the shorts here it is hard for me to go into too much info on this one without giving away the premise of the short, or spoiling it.
Storm of the Century is a great piece of a robbery gone wrong on the snowiest day of the year in Quebec. The film is subtitled but flows so well it should not distract from the film itself. Some great use of camera work and the acting is top notch here.

Summoned is another film I saw this year at the Badass Film Festival. The film is directed by Victoria Angel and tells the story of a person possessed by a demon she wished for but now wants her soul back before it's too late. Some great visual story telling here.There is a reason she asked for this to happen watch it and find out.
Taking Possession is not like The Exorcist , but of someone buying a new house. The man taking over the house keeps hearing noises as usual for being in an older, large house it comes with the territory. He hears someone calling Daddy throughout the house, the Realtor has not told him all he needs to know.

The Jogger is the next film:
This tells the story of a man that wants to lose weight and heard that jogging was a great way to do it. Along the way of his jog he has doubts and comes across a couple that is in great  shape and they of course ridicule him and he is bent on revenge, oh and he is also hungry--be warned!
Tik-Tik is an interesting film about birthing and a story of a demon that comes and takes newborn babies. Like many a short film I wish this one was longer. Has a great story to it and one of the better shorts of the festival.
This film gets you from the word go and does not let go. Young woman running along the road and looking behind and heads to a house where she rings the bell and is welcomed into the house by a young man to whom she apologizes. Unsure why she is there but totally engrossed on what is happening and what did she do to these men that are so willing to help her .....??

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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