Monday, December 19, 2016

CD Review : Saence-Relics-Available Now

I was contacted by Yvonne Loveland of Voodoo Queen Management in January 6, 2013 to review her roster band Saence , I was blown away and  gave my review. She had found me a year earlier and had me do some reviews on other bands at the time. Regular readers of this blog know that we quickly became friends and then was asked to join this worldwide group that is Voodoo Queen Management.
Saence Live Photo by Nell Ann Schmidt Photography 

Fast forward to 2016 --3 years and a few months later , they have matured as a band sounding crisper -more great songs to crank loud and really get into the lyrics as well. Some great versatility musically and also vocally. "Chinese Up" has some great guitar work all around.

Some bands can just improve over time as a fine wine does , this is one of those bands. I have not had the opportunity to see this band live but have heard they put on a great show.

I try to step outside of whether I know the band or not, history etc to form a fair response to the music. With this album it came quite easy as it is so damn good. This is not a heavy metal album for those of you not familiar  with Saence, give them a try--you might like it.
This video is from 2011, song is on their recent album as well, but better!!
"Sorry, Not Sorry"

'End of Forever" has a nice piano intro to end off the album , rain and thunder in the background. Nice vocals to accompany the sounds. They are drowned out by a bass intro , with drums and guitars following into the song. 

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Anthony Nadeau

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