Friday, December 9, 2016

What It All Means To Me

Every year and without fail everyone has their "Best of" lists and in past years I have done those as well-this year I am not going too.
For me my best is maybe that movie that really wasn't all that good but others liked it , however seeing a few bad films allows me to enjoy the one's I like even more so. It's also just appreciating the work that went into that film or piece of music and even though I don't care for it I am not going to bash it here any longer. I have found it takes me as much time(almost even longer)to write a review for something I am not fond of.
The same goes for music the artist has spent all that time to write the music, record it and then touring the music that helps express them as an artist , if I agree with it or not , or enjoy it even I do not feel good bashing what they have spent time working on.
I use this platform to help those artists/filmmakers etc to share their work with me and for me to help them, it's a win/win as far as I am concerned.
I am very fortunate to have so many music labels from across this amazing globe of ours sending me music as well as solo acts and bands that send me their music my years of doing this has allowed me to hear some pretty amazing music and share it  here with you.
Even though I have not been as active of late as some of my regular readers have seen in the past --that will improve my writing of reviews have not been as strong as they once were but am going to change some things up a little different here as well, in the New Year.

I am also very lucky back in 2012 I had written some articles for Cinema Editor and is the only paid job I have had as a writer since starting my blog. I thoroughly enjoyed it and am looking into contributing to some more magazines again in the New Year.
With my writing for the magazine it gave me an even bigger opportunity and am so honored to be a honorary member of ACE(American Cinema Editors)which in turn later that year I started receiving the screeners for the awards season for the Golden Globes, The Oscars & Showtime for the past two years now has offered me to watch their shows for consideration for The Emmy's as well.
 I read an article earlier last month stating that all the screeners sent out last year for the awards all showed up online , every last one of them. I treat these movies I receive like gold as they are often sent out weeks ahead of their scheduled release. I had a concern mid October as I had not received one of the films and contacted some of the studios I had saved the contacts from the sheets of paper that are often included with the films and told them of my concern that maybe they ended up in the wrong hands and it concerns me as the films are all watermarked to identify the viewer.
So instead of my top anything list instead this is a thankful post from me to you that is reading this right now. I don't think we need birthdays or Thanksgiving to be thankful, that can happen any moment of any day of the year.
All of my readers , the countless music label Promotional people (so many to thank).
All of the movie studios and their PR people as well as all the Independent musicians and filmmakers that make it all worth while.
Also the shirt I wear below is one of my major supporters and strengths besides my immediate family and close friends. I was contacted by Yvonne Loveland many years ago who is the CEO of VQM(Voodoo Queen Management) and was asked to review some of the bands that they had with their management company at the time , a friendship formed and I was asked to join the company and have had nothing but major support from all of the members there as well. I also am a writer for the Voodoo Queen Digital Magazine that is lead by Kathey Haden Waxler , both are incredible women and have both suffered losses of loved ones in the past few weeks, please have them in your thoughts --they need all the support they can get.

Above this is me with Ted Aguilar of Death Angel I got to meet him and interview him prior to them hitting the stage later that night and sharing it with  Anthrax & Slayer, 3 bands I have followed since they all began back in the '80's.

Art & Kathleen the owners of Little Shop of Movies, yes there is a video store here in my little town.
They are alive as a video store because they went out and made themselves a gaming store as well, which brings them a good showing for their tournaments of Magic and the like. A really smart move on their part as well.
All in all it could not be possible with all those mentioned above and would not be fair to name any names for fear of forgetting someone. I thank all the filmakers either independent or with a studio, as I thank all the musicians whether they are with a label or not.

Also this year has been incredible for me for attending or screening films for film festivals as well , two were out of town Etheria Film Night was in Florida and Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival was again in Toronto, my 2nd year reviewing films for them. So those 2 and The Queer Film Festival , Crazy 8's & Whistler I was unable to attend but did get media passes for all of them, maybe attend next years events.

Thank you for reading this and supporting my blog

Anthony Nadeau
Below is the first image I ever used for my blog.

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