Wednesday, May 31, 2017

CD Review: Dead Asylum-Death Always Wins(Self-Released)Clawhammer PR

Ear Crushing , Mind Melting Heavy Metal is what Dead Asylum is all about. But also with skill and guttural singing that would make the devil run--no joke.
Fierce heavy riffs that pierce the soul, bass flowing into the abyss --skilled talent on the drums , being a drummer myself I often marvel at the speed of some of the drumming I often hear in Heavy Metal.
"Between Me & The Grave" is my personal favorite song--opening has the classic old school Heavy Metal sound. 
Feels like death slowly approaching and then the trip begins to speed up, not ones to apologize for their skills and why should they there is some great Heavy Metal here.
Their first single here is the title track, below is the lyric video:

"Forgotten Silence" is another skull crusher of a song that never lets up on its great continuous riff and heavy HEAVY double bass throughout. "Welcome" has a slower pace then the rest of the album , that does not mean they are singing a ballad though-not by a long shot! Love the riff and bass, drums as one on this one!
"Inmate 666" closes off the album --brutal in it's delivery and pace!
Great middle section in the song bass riff and drums, nice.
"6...6...6" is a great off chorus -if you will  

   Unleash The Archers / Dead Asylum Dual Album Release Show!

Friday June 2, 2017 at
The Rickshaw Theater , Vancouver BC Canada

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