Monday, May 29, 2017

CD Review: Unleash The Archers-Apex(Available June 2, 2017) Napalm Records

Founded in 2007 in Vancouver BC Unleash The Archers have always have their loyal fan base. They also have won  awards locally at the Whammy Awards in 2015 they were awarded Best Metal Band and Brittney Slayes was awarded Best Vocalist.

The Whammy's unlike many award shows do not have a panel of experts the nominating of the bands and the final selections come from the general public themselves.

This being their second album being released through Napalm Records I have had the pleasure of reviewing both of them, everything sounding so clear , vocals , guitars,  bass & drums. 
With a band with a singer that can switch her pitch in a second and flow all over the place is a most welcome treat to the ears.
The year they had signed with the label in 2015 and released their 4th album but this being their first with Napalm Records. 
Here is the first single off the new album.

Some of the best songs on here or my personal favorite is Ten Thousand Against One. Others are Earth & Ashes , Cleanse The Bloodlines & The Matriarch. Below is the lyric video for the song.

The title song and final song of the album really has a great epic feel to it and is an amazing song vocally with the style of the song and shows the overall strength of the band but also how they have so improved as songwriters and musicians. Not taking anything away from their past efforts as that is where they were as a band at the time. They have jumped leaps and bounds and certainly have found their own sound.

Some of the words for the opening of "Apex"

Hello mountain, remember me
Child of your womb
I return from a perilous place
To the warmth of your hollow
Embrace me
Steady giant, monolith
Lend me your heart
I am weakened again, tired
Mend my scars
As your power, it sinks into me
Your roots take their hold
My body as one with the earth
My blood as the stone
The mountain, my home.

June 2, 2017 Unleash The Archers/Dead Asylum Duel Album Release Show. The Rickshaw Theatre , Vancouver BC
8 pm-11:55.

Thank you for reading this 
Anthony Nadeau

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