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CD Review: Iced Earth-Incorruptible(Available Now)Century Media

12 Albums later this band shows no signs of slowing down , that's a great thing if you ask me. With so many new bands it's always nice to hear the long standing bands sticking to their guns and their own sound and the labels allowing the band to remain true to it as well.

After nearly three dedicated decades, Schaffer, drummer Brent Smedley, vocalist Stu Block, bassist Luke Appleton, and new guitarist Jake Dreyer have assembled the fiercest Iced Earth record since 1996 milestone The Dark Saga and 1998’s chart-blazer Something Wicked This Way Comes.

Below is the first video from the album "Raven Wing"(Lyric Video)
Here we have a nice ballad and just some great metal from some legends in their own right. All in all this album has one great song after another.

Here is another Lyric Video for  "Seven Headed Whore" and the write up for the band has an explanation for the song that is based on the whore of Babylon.

Song after , riff after riff not only shows they still have it but shows the up and comers how it's done, never compromise , never stop doing what you love.

"Titled Incorruptible, Iced Earth’s 12th record is inspired not by things political but by things personal. Since Plagues of Babylon landed in 2014 to heaps of praise and chart-topping success, Schaffer and team have weathered proverbial storms. Management shake-ups, Schaffer’s well-publicized and very serious neck surgery—he’s since fully recovered—and lineup shifts all played positively into Incorruptible. But that wasn’t always the case.

Written primarily by Schaffer over the course of several months — a process he calls “typical”— Incorruptible finds Iced Earth pivoting off everything they’ve learned—going all the way back to 1990’s Iced Earth—to come away with an album that feels and sounds superlatively heavy metal. And definitely like Iced Earth."

Yet another Lyric Video --the cool thing about writing this review so close to the release date is being able to show you the videos released prior to the release --in case you haven't already.

Songs like "Brothers" really give us that Iced Earth feel and great guitar skills and vocals as well, which help make this one of the better albums of the year for me for sure.
Much is sung of loyalty and honor in songs like "Clear The Way, December 13, 1862) a song of war and honor of fighting for one's country, lives being lost for war.

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