Thursday, June 22, 2017

Independent Film Reviews: Monsters Among Men

This film starts with the titles starting as we watch as a young woman is tortured , not sure what is really happening but am sure we will be filled in later.
Our lead is running to the camera as he dropped the box that is directly in front of the frame , it is a ring as he is going to propose to his girlfriend. Upon doing so they are both attacked and knocked out.
Upon awakening he finds she is nowhere in the area he is at, he is around some other people at an open grave where a man is still digging. Making off in an effort to find his girlfriend he keeps persistence in finding her and there is some good camera work here and a well shot chase scene through the woods, well edited.
The score composed by Thomas Berdinski remids me of Richard Band scores from the old Full Moon Entertainment days , I told Thomas this and he was flattered as Richard is one of his idols.
 I did enjoy this film overall , though some scenes felt as if they went on a little long. I loved the fact that they used practical effects in this and the locations are well chosen deep in the woods. I know some won't watch this only because there is no-one in it that they know of, to each their own. I like to support film , either way.
The ending had a good payoff maybe we will see more of this group?

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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