Friday, September 29, 2017

Epic Pictures Review: The Dark Tapes (Available Now)

Found footage films have been around since the early 90's with the release of The Blair Witch and it's creative marketing team at the time , made an add that had viewers believing that the group of young filmmakers really went missing. 
Here we are in 2017 and this style of what seems to still be popular, I am not a fan by any means -however this film is different.
What we have here instead of one story , we have a variety of different stories two of which I really enjoyed and they stood out from the others. The first "To Catch A Demon"(picture above)about a group experimenting sleep patterns and the monsters that seek us out as we sleep. They use slow motion cameras to try and catch an image of the monster and they successfully do and we are shown it's true form after they are able to slow it down enough.
What works here for me and other parts of the film is the practical effects, no CGI here in this film. The rare images we see of this monster are chilling even to this seasoned horror fan.

The other story I liked was "The Hunters & The Hunted" about a young couple that move to a new home and they start hearing noises in the house.
They call on a trio of paranormal investigators but their findings are of something odd at first. Then they find something they were not aware of and neither is the audience.
Some of the other stories are "Cam Girls" where there are two young women trying to get the attention of an admiring fan and have him do some pretty awful things to himself.
"Amanda's Revenge" is another odd one out about possession and the story wasn't as interesting  as some of the others but watchable none the less.
Starting and ending this creative tale of terror is this young pair that find an open door and upon entering find the camera that has "The Dark Tapes" on it.

Here is the trailer:

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