Thursday, September 7, 2017

Short Story Cinema: Morning After--Chocolate Kisses & Human Sexuality

Story Synopsis:

This film is the prequel to a longer piece and the new project from award-winning filmmaking duo Patricia Chica (director-producer) and Kristian Hodko (writer-actor). 

After a long time abroad, a young man returns home and reunites with friends. A sensual game amongst them forces him to confront deep conflicts within himself that lead to a powerful awakening.

This film has been accepted and played at a large group of Film Festivals and more to come as well, see below the review for more dates.

A group of young people are having a welcome home party for one of the group Micheal(above right)now they play a game where one of them are blindfolded and another member of the group chooses a piece of chocolate from the table and proceeds to kiss them with a piece of the chocolate. It can be anyone in the room. When it is his turn there is an interesting visual sense that from his perspective of who it is that is kissing him and we are shown each of the group of friends kissing him.
I found this to be a very open and interesting expression of love and lust, desire and just human sexuality being explored. It was a raw look at the world at a different perspective in the fact that a lot of this sort of film basically goes unnoticed. There are only suggestions that sex ever happens there is a lot of kissing and just an opening of oneself to another human being. I am not one to judge others on their sexuality , it's human nature to want to love and be loved. 

This is a well done film allowing the viewer to just have a taste of what it is all about, they could have gone the cheap route and had a lot of nudity to try and sell the film that way, but they did it the right way by making it just the way it is.
There is a great overall acceptance of everyone and their openness of the exploration, the directing and editing is very smooth and has a great style of it's own. Only clocking in just over 15 minutes I felt I wanted to see more of these characters as they were just such real human beings just being human. There are plans to make a longer story in the future as it mentioned above.
Morning After continues to travel the film festival circuit with upcoming screenings in Hong Kong (September 9-24), Taiwan (October 20-28), at the Bucharest Film Awards in Romania (October 12-14) where the film is a finalist for Best Short. More festival selections will be announced in the coming weeks.

Morning After Trailer--click here

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